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I care about this!

Many of us with autoimmune conditions go on to have a thryoid issue, many of us may have one and not have had diagnosis yet. The culture for testing in the UK and actually across the world appears to be pretty disgraceful. The tests fail many, also there is a real lack of choice, for instance some people do far better on natural thryoid preparations. However many decent thryoid doctors, really doing the best for their patients are then hounded by the regulator and lose their licences to practice: Here are three petitions, all they need is a simple signature and being passed on to receive more publicity... SIGN, SHARE and PASS ON via EMAIL, FACEBOOK and TWITTER:

This one has only days left:

AND REMEMBER medical staff who blow the whistle on behalf of the public, usually lose their careers... this one could do so much good, it needs to take off fast:

Please help with these if you can. Mary F x