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Hi all,sorry not been on for a while,i started fundraising for lupus uk after i lost my beautiful mother who battled with lupus for a lot of years.For the past two years i,ve been displaying some of the same symptoms mum had been back and forth to the doctors for endless blood tests,got that annoyed with him booked myself in to see a different doctor after telling her my symptoms and chatting about mum she said no more blood tests i,m referring you to a rheumatologist.What i want to know is what should i expect from my first visit to rheumatologist.May i also add whatever the findings it will not stop me from fundraising and raising awareness for lupus uk.

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Hi Catb, I am really sorry to hear about your mum, and your recent health problems.

It sounds like your new dr is more proactive by referring you, and I hope it all goes ok.

Your new Rheum. will probably want to get a full medical history off of you, give you a full body exam and take more bloods. You may find that you are not given a definitive answer/diagnosis until all the blood tests are back. However, if they can access your previous blood tests then you may get a diagnosis.

Regardless of what happens, please don't lose your positive spirit, and keep fundraising :-)

Good luck xxx


Hiya cobbers,i,m not expecting a definite answer/diagnosis the same day and i won,t lose my positive spirit regardless of whatever diagnosis they come back with,i,ll do as much fund raising and raising awareness as i can for all you beautiful lupies xxx


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