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Well I had my blood repeated a couple of weeks back now and have been awaiting an appointment through to discuss the results with my rhuemie. I have just rang his receptionist and asked if an appointment has been made yet and she said yes, for January!!! I am fuming!! 4 months to get some blood results back! I said I was not happy waiting that long for the results so she has said she will send my results to my gp ( I have an appointment there on friday so hopefully they will have them by then!!).

Anyway I am getting a bit sick of all this waiting around and feeling like I am not believed. I don't think my rhuemie has even ran all the basic tests he could have anyway! I saw an advert for Bupa and wondered if anyone has any experience of them? Will they speed up a diagnosis? Will I be able to get cover when I am already under investigation? Any advice is gratefully recieved! xxxx

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Hi - I have been with a consultant via BUPA for two years, and have to say it was the best thing and had a really speedy diagnosis. However I had the cover in place before I even had any symptoms, so you may not be able to get cover now for 'pre-existing conditions' which is what your current symptoms would probably be considered to be. But if you are thinking of signing up with BUPA (ie a private medical fund where you pay monthly and then can get cover for most conditions that your GP refers you for), it may just be an option to pay for a one off consultation with a private rheumatologist (cost around £140 for the one visit)? As I say I was already covered by BUPA through work, so at first symptoms got referred and had a diagnosis within a couple of weeks from first symptoms! Had all the blood tests etc done through NHS still, as they can be expensive being done through BUPA! Hope this helps...


Hi After going backwards and forwards to my GP for 2 years and being told I had psorisis, and when my hair started to fall out I had mild alopecia, I asked my GP for a referral to Bupa. After one consultation and then a biopsy I was correctly diagnosed as having discoid Lupus. It was expensive as I had no cover but it was worth every penny. I was dignosed and on the correct meds within 2 weeks. Thank god I did it. Good luck.


Thank you for your replies. Do you think Bupa would cover me at this stage? I know it would be more expensive. I really can't afford to pay out for consultations and tests :-( Do you not think it is disgusting that people are not dealt with this quickly on the NHS? Surely if you are showing symptoms and are in pain you should be given answers asap! I'm just totally fed up of being fobbed off now xxx


Hi totally agree with the being fobbed off malarky. My next rheumy appt was set for the 1st Nov and was put back to 6 Dec due to Rheumy is now on holiday (don't begrudge this at all) but it all just seems a long wait between appointments when you are approaching diagnosis. The bit I am struggling with today as up to now no one has recommended how to get emotional support/given leaflets or anything. Just the usual stay out the sun and take placquenil. At the last appointment I was told I had all the symptoms of lupus plus ana. it's just frustrating at times.... just a waiting game. I really hope that in the future diagnosis occurs quicker and practical/emotional support is offered at an earlier stage. I'm sure people feel better about themselves once they stop having to constantly doubt themselves. Also how come some days we can go along fine with just waiting and other days there is such a need to know..... it's so frustrating!


Thanks for your reply. I'm sorry to hear you also have a delay in your appointment! I am furious about mine, especialluly as when I spoke to rhuemie at th end of august and he said he would see me in 6-8 weeks to discuss my results!! I was also going to ask at this next appointment if he would write me a letter for university to explain what is going on but now it is going to be too late so I am not sure what to do about that! I totally agree about the emotional side of it, my partner is always saying to me 'just stay positive,try not to think about it and worry' and I say to him it is not easy to forget and worry over something when you are constantly reminded of it by the pain!! :-( take care xxx


In 2009 I was in a lot of pain and went to see my Rheumy at his private clinic as I could not get my appointment brought forward but he told me never to come and see him privately again as he does not have access to my medical records at his private clinic. He said I should always ring his secretary or the Rheumy nurse to get an appointment at the hospital (which I now do when I am having a flare).

My husband pays for Bupa through his work but I am not allowed to have any treatment if it is Lupus related, anything else I can have free consultation and treatment.

Please check and let them know about the lupus before joining.


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