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Hey everyone

Just wanted to have a mini moan... Was supposed to be going to Edinburgh this weekend. It am feeling too poorly to go. I've been working 4 hours a day this week (apart from today, no work) and I got back from a week in ibiza last Saturday. Flying through the night etc etc but had Sunday to recover. Is this normal? Could I have overdone it just by doing this? I do feel very tired after work but it seems very crazy! Anyway, missing my friends hen weekend booo hoooo :-(


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Hello Natal1a

This is quite normal I am affraid. The new normal. Things which dont actually involve doing anything much can be very wearing just because they are stimulating. And a good days effort can cost a week or more to recover from.

The rule is ( Forgive me if you know this)

"Spend only half of the energy you ( think) you have, and invest the other half in your recovery."

Some times though it is worth blowing the lot, but be prepared to pay the price.


Excellent rule Thaddeus, I'll bear that in mind as well.

Sorry to hear about the hen weekend, I know it is horrible not being able to predict and plan things. At least you managed Ibiza. I have just had a good holiday and couldn't believe I was well the whole time, that was a real boost (I've paid for it since though!)


Thank you both. I think I can manage things when they are a bit spaced out, perhaps I had too much on all in one go.

My fingers are killing today, as is my back and neck booooo! But my brain really wants to go to the gym haha, not going to though, going to be sensible so I can be in work this week :)


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