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Chest infection !!! and feeling grot !!

I posted a blog a couple of weeks ago about having a cough cold virus, went back to Drs last week and told I had a chest infection, more antibiotica and increaased steroids. Been back to Drs again today, still have chest infection, another couurse of abtibiotics and have had chest x rays, as I have like a band of pain round the right side of my ribs, Dr thinks it could be muscular, but there is noise on the lung as well.

Can't ever remember anything making me feel so tired and exhausted, even when having a flare up. Guess just have to take it easy, ( dont have any choice on that really !) and take one day at a time. Oh and just to add to it all, I have been advised that I am one of between 38 - 54 being made redundant in October, been in the job for 6 years, so more stress of finding another job, Something I dont really have any choice as still have a couple of years mortgage togo, and husband has been on long term sick with severe depresssion since mid January this year with no sign of him being able to go back to work, plus he doesn't know if he can or even wants to go back to what he was doing.

Sorry to rant on, but just one of those days when it all just seems to have caught up with me.Thanks, to this site we know we can express how we feel.

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H Lupydragon, you are having a tough time. It is hard enough to cope with this illness but you also have the extra burden of your husband's illness too. It certainly isn't a rant it's unburdening yourself to people who do understand. I too have bronchitus at the moment and on antibiotics but until you said I didn't associate the fatigue I have felt this week with this. So your little 'unburdening' will have helped you and also others too perhaps? On Saturday I over did it and made 3 appointments, hair appointment, off to York to see friends and then another for the evening. Well I crashed with fatigue on Saturday and certainly used some expletives for this illness and the lack of energy it brings especially on top of other infections as we all know. You have a lot on with illness/jobs/ etc and it must be a worry so it's great to be able to off-load. Yay to this site xx PS: I hope all goes ok with the chest x ray results too x


So sorry. Wishing you good luck with job. I felt bad with my chest infection but st least I am retired. Lots of good wishes. Hang in there.


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