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Has anyone heard of 'Fishing syndrome' in connection with lupus please? I'm at my wits end with this. I was originally told fisheye - wrong

As per my original question, it causes transparent, ultra-fine, lightweight sticky strands (cobweb like) to run constantly from the eyes. You can't break them, cut them or find anything to wash them off. They get in your hair, up your nose, down your throat, everywhere - and I mean everywhere. Worst of all it's given me severe COPD. I feel terrible and it's getting me so down. Help please, any ideas to dissolve this stuff would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I can hear the frustration in your typing ... it must be awful :o(

Just had a quick look on the web and found this link for you, you might have already seen it .. but though if not, it might help

Good luck

Sue x


I wonder if the eye problem would be helped by products such as hypromellose drops and viscotears liquid gel?

I have blepharitis due to lupus dry eyes and the eye doctor prescribed these 2 for me for long term maintenance. Initially I needed some antibiotic drops, but when the infection cleared up I just need the extra moisture. I get the yucky stuff around my eyelids the eye clinic refer to as "debris".


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