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Hi Everyone I ahve spinal stenosis as well as Lupus fibro and raynaulds I saw my rheumie on Thursday and he advised me not to have the op for the stenosis as it is a major op and it could put me into a major lupus falre, I do suffer from terrible leg pain we did buy a rollator with a seat on which has helped but now I am not having the op and have to rely on 3 lumber epidurals a year I feel I need a wheelchair I need a very lightweight one that I can get in the boot of my car we live near the sea and I would love to be able to wheel myself along the prom and take in the fresh air does anyone know of a good light weight chair or use on themselves?

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If you request an Occupational Asessment they can get you one. Personally I prefer to use a private chair I got from Horizon mobility.

It is a myera x1 with synergie wheels. Means I have as much manoeuvrability as I did when walking but it is £3,500. Best investment ever.

Also got a motability car with hand controls and a hoist so have full independence and not reliant on anyone.


You say you would like to be able to to be able "to wheel myself along the prom".

Are your arms strong enough for this? It may be more realistic to get an electric one. Definitely see the occupational therapist to discuss what would be best for you. Mayne hire one for a trial period?

(The chair- nor the therapist!)


Hi Davros, thanks for the info I ahve made an appointment to see my GP and ask for a refferal to the wheelchair clinic where they make chairs to suit the person, sounds as if you have got yours all sorted


Hi Herb thanks for the info you will see from my post to Davros I am going to see my GP who can then reffer me on to the wheelchair clinic and they can make a chair to suit my needs I would rather have a self propelled chair my arms are quite strong


I got a great lightweight one from Mobility Buddy- folds small - i have a transit one due to weak arms & fstigue- so friends can push me & easy to put in boot up carry up stairs if necessary- they do self-propel too- but main thing is that they are really friendly& helpful- so worth having a chat with them & getting advice. Good luck.


Thanks for this info Sheliain action will look into that


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