Autoantibodies - i test positive for quite a few, was just wondering if this was true for other people?

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this site, only been diagnosed this year, have been having really bad flare-ups for the last 9 months and am about to start Azathioprine.

I am currently at university towards the end of a biomedical science degree and am really interested in the immunology side of it, so far i; have a positive ANA, a strongly positive dsdna, a strongly positive sm, a strongly positive RNP, a weakly positive SSA and a weakly positive ccp!

Was wondering what other people had and how they are doing?

Thanks, Sam

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I have various positive weak strong and on it goes. Most of the time despite me doing 2 years of bio at uni I tend not to pay to much attention to the results. I tend to go more if I feel bad then I ask rheumy about changes as with all of these things your baseline will be different to everyone else. Lupus uk has loads of books varying in technicality maybe with your background you could have a look at the more technical one to get a fuller understanding of the antibodies and there relationship with lupus.


Hi, i have the same problem, I am currently taking Hydroxychloroquine and Amytriptaline for mine and have noticed an imrpovemnt but nothing massive. For years I was told i was a hypochondriac until i went to Addenbrookes hospital and saw a fantastic doctor who has got me on the right track! I found Lupus UK a massive help when it came to finding out more about how to ease the symptoms!


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