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I got my assessment for emplyment support allowance weeks ago and just got the results back they are putting me into the work category, I'm panicking now. I suffer badly from fatigue, I had a bad spell last year and never managed to get back to full time work then was made redundant in February, which was a blessing in disguise for me. I am ofcourse appealing against the decision through my local advice shop. I am keeping my fingers well and truley crossed.

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Hi Lorraine, good luck with your appeal. I got put in the contributions based work category of ESA and this only lasts for one year so it is better if you appeal sooner. I am now going to apply for JSA which lasts for 26 weeks apparently (contributions based again). i'm hoping that within this time I will understand this illness a bit better. Good luck with your appeal. Are you on placquenil because that helped me loads with the fatigue.


Did you know that after a year on "contribution based" ESA you can apply for "income based" ESA as this may be an option rather than going on JSA


Hi there, Thanks, yes but unfortunately as I have a husband who works 37 hours this takes up over the income based threshold. The only downside to going on the jSA is my condition hasn't changed but I know it's also difficult to get the DLA these days but I may try that soon too. Thanks for the information x


Hi Lorraine, I'm in the same boat. Have been put in the WRAG. They have already told me that I will lose my contribution based ESA in 12 months. Don't know how they got the idea that I'm going to get better as plaquenil has not worked for me, the last immunosuppresant I tried (mycophenolate) did help either and the fatigue I suffer from is crippling. They haven't got in touch with my rheumatologist and I never see my GP - they unfortunately just see us as being easy targets. I am still waiting for my list of reasons for their decision, which I feel I'm going to be waiting a long-time for. I'll hopefully have my disability to live on but no doubt they will start on that next. I hope this government feels proud of itself picking on the weakest in society, it doesn't even make any difference that you've paid into the system either. Good Luck.


i got letters from my gp and rummie showing everthing that had happened in the last couple of years to back me up hope this helps


Hiya fellow lupies.......please contact LUPUS UK for these really helpful documents/website. I became a member of "Benefits & Work" months ago to help with my DLA tribunal - after 15 months and 2 appeals, with the help of these guides, I WON!! So please take advantage of this vital help........

"LUPUS UK is now a member of 'Benefits & Work'

Posted by Paul_Howard LUPUS UK 3 Aug 20124 commentsReport

If you are having difficulty making a claim or appeal for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Employment Support Allowance (ESA), we can now provide you with informative guides and letter templates to help you through the process.

We also have guides advising on workplace related issues, such as disability discrimination.

You can view a list of the guides available and how to request them here – "


This earlier blog has some usefull info

I won an appeal to be put in support group after initially they put me in WRAG.

I had help from local council social services welfare rights person (my GP refered me to them)

I won on basis of exceptional circumstances - for this you need medical evidence to support a statement that there would be a substantial risk to your physical or mental health if you were found to be fit for WRAG.

It would be worth visiting yor GP and explaining what is going on, so that it is on your records and ask if they will provide a letter to support your appeal - make sure you spell out all your symptoms and any problems you have (eg how much fatigue you get, how you have to pace yourself, any effects it has on your mental health, any pain you get on walking, standing, reaching etc ) Also mention if you are finding it all stressfull particularly if stress does make your Lupus worse or more likely to flare up (as it does for many with SLE) as this may help as "evidence" to support your appeal if you appeal is based on the "exceptional circumstances" rule


Loraine - please see my comment of today under the topic of ATOS Medicals.


only thing i can say is they put me on the work programme, and ive had a running battle with them parking me to one corner like im a bag of rubbish, i made a complaint and i was called in the office and i was told "do you really want to work"? and that " i was making my health an issue so not to get a job"? im sorry i didnt ask to get lupus, and i didnt ask to get cancer, im really annoyed and angry now, is this how the world sees us disabled people, something they can push around and push into anything, even if it means making out health worse.


Dear mstr I am on plaquinel and have been for a few year now x thanks for all the advice guys I'll definitely check out what has been mentioned. I think it's terrible what we go through trying to prove how we are :) all they havd to do is ask our gp's who know us and see us often enough x


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