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Something nice!!!

Hi Everyone

Just wanted to share something nice with all of you. I have just had a wonderful day spent at Southwold beach watching my daughter and husband playing in the sea. Then back home for a lovely BBQ with my wonderful family. I just thought it would be nice to share something nice and positive. I still have all the usual aches and pains associated with Lupus but just doing something fun and normal makes all the difference.


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That is lovely Chrissy I have days like that too and I am thankful for them... enjoy!


Well done Chrissy - I think we can too easily make excuses because of our condition and pain not to do things but then I realise we are the ones missing out and not living life the way we would have prior to becoming ill - heres to more happy days like yours, thanks for sharing -


Thank you for sharing that Chrissy. I'm glad to hear you had a lovely day.


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