LUPUS UK is now a member of 'Benefits & Work'

If you are having difficulty making a claim or appeal for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Employment Support Allowance (ESA), we can now provide you with informative guides and letter templates to help you through the process.

We also have guides advising on workplace related issues, such as disability discrimination.

You can view a list of the guides available and how to request them here –

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  • Paul,,When i saw this yesterday on the page i thought at first,,,No to good to be true!!

    This is absolutely fantastic,i for one would like to say a massive Thank you to All at Lupus UK for all the hard work done there and i no for one that the list of guides will certainly help me.:)

  • i second that thanks paul and lupus uk

  • Done


  • A thank you from me too. Lupus UK support is invaluable.

  • Thank you Paul Rec DLA Appeal stuff will study ready for Friday x

  • A big thank you from me to Lupus Uk and you Paul for providing such helpful info. It makes such a difference.x

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