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Travelling with lupus

OK I know I should take all medicines in their original boxes with a copy of my repeat prescription, when travelling abroad.

I'm going to Amsterdam this weekend, and wish I could just take a few days worth in my daily plastic dispensing boxes that I use at home.

I take 16 pills a day 11 different drug boxes plus 2 sets of eye drops.

Any advice?

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Are they in blister packs? If so, take a cardboard outer and the number of tablets you want to take with you for each. As soon as you get there - put them in your dosette boxes and chuck away the packs before coming home. You don't have to take full packs with you. If they are in dispensing bottles from the chemist then they could give you a tiny bottle with the number you need in it and listed on the label.

Though I have to say - even if I am only going for a couple of days I take a full pack of everything with me! On the other hand - I live in and travel all over Europe and have never had a problem with anyone asking me about my medications. Not even returning to the UK. Nor entering China last year.

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That's my point, I've never been asked about my medication, but sods law that the one time I took the easy way, they would stop me.

A friend just pointed out that I can flatten the boxes, as long as I have the boxes, pills and the repeat prescription.

The blister packs don't have to be in the boxes.


Be careful the blister pack has it clearly on it what it is - I don't know if you have ever noticed but sometimes you can have just a few of a blister pack and it tells you nothing useful on the back! Even chemists seem oblivious of that fact judging by when I've had those 2 or 3 that had to be added to make up the number to be dispensed. Not that that is a problem where I live now - here you get only whole packs, enough for approximately 2 months at one time unless you are to be on your jollies...

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Good point, I will probably just lug all the boxes around as usual.

I sometimes think, that I've got more pills than Boots pharmacy in my bathroom!


I always take enough for my break, plus an additional weeks worth, in case of emergency. (All in original boxes). I put all of my medications, INR blood testing machine, tests strips etc, my heparin injections, repeat script & letter from my gp (I got this to be safe because of the tablet & liquid morphine & tramadol), in a large vanity case to carry on as hand luggage (the airline allowed me to carry this on in addition to my standard hand luggage. I didn't trust it being in my suitcase & also needed some medications during the flight). I did this when I went to the dominican republican some years ago and I had no problems and it wasn't checked at all. I've been too unwell to travel abroad since, so bought a touring caravan to go away in instead.

If at all possible, I would take the meds on in your hand luggage. Mainly because it has been known that luggage goes awol occasionally (I pray yours keeps safe!, I'm sure it will), and it would probably ruin your weekend and make you unwell if you don't have your meds.

I wish you a wonderful, trouble free and fun weekend, have a fab time 😀

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Happy Sally

Thankyou, yes I always take my meds as hand luggage and take a few days spare.

Just seems so much faf for a weekend! Never mind at least I'm hopefully we'll enough to enjoy it, (touch wood)

I've got it all organised now anyway.

Wishing you some lovely holidays in your caravan this year.☺



Just come back from there, never even asked at the ferry terminal, it's different if you are flying, keep them in the original boxes just in case It might be easy to take them out, they may not let you bring them back

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