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My Story so far - Migrating from Incapacity to ESA here in Spain

On Feb 6th this year, 2012 I went for my medical assessment. The journey took more than 2 hours to get there. (Guidelines state that no more that 90 minutes is acceptable). That in itself very nearly killed me. I then had to wait nearly 1 hour to be seen. To be fair the Doctor here in Spain was attentive and listened and seemed to be very well informed about Lupus, Hughes and other related diseases. I then had another 2 hour journey home. At which point I collapsed and as a result I suffered yet another thrombosis in my left leg and was hospitalised for 2 months, where I also had another heart attack. Best place to have one I suppose!!!! To date I still have not received an a letter/phone call confirming if I have been awarded ESA or not. The stress of waiting is nearly killing me it's 5 months now. How come we are summonds to attend medicals/interviews etc with the threat of our benefits being withdrawn but we are yet again treated like cattle and left in the wilderness wondering what will happen? More sleepless nights I suppose. I am so tired at the moment I feel I could die just from sheer exhaustion yet alone all my other problems. Has any one else had similar experiences?

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I'm so sorry to hear your story, and that it made you so ill just attending the medical exam!! How frustrating that they have left you guessing -and after being in hospital for 2 months too! It's a system that is inhuman and life-destroying. It's no wonder that you are exhausted. I'm guessing the Spanish system is pretty similar to the UK's and many people will relate to what you are going through. I'm very lucky to be supported by my husband who is able to work. I hope you get a positive result soon. Sending love xx


Thank you for replying. It means so much to me xxx


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