Well for many years I was told that I suffered from this condition having been confirmed via St Thomas 20 plus years ago and then the Roye Eye Infirmary told me that I have very dry eyes, but I had a lip biopsy and told today that I don't suffer from it yet I get all the symptoms, the doctor said he did know whether you can get a negative result.

Anybody know more?

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i have had dry eyes ect for 10 years now , i have had a biopsy and had it confirmed. one of my Doc's have said that they still don't think that i have it. ( idiot ) try telling that to me when my tongue is stuck to the roof of my mouth. You know if you have it or not . treat it as if it's sjogrens.

good luck x


Hi there,I was told by my rhumey that my bloods don't point to syjorgens, I have been told by him that as I raynaulds and all the symptoms of syjorgens, that as far as he is concerned that I have syjorgens ,I do not have lupus my 26 year old daughter does,bless her,I had chemo for breast cancer and a year later my dry eyes,mouth and dry lady bits got worse.

I would say the same,treat it as if it was syjogrens.

Take care Sandy.


I had a biopsy about 2 years ago because a scan at the dental hosp came back unsure....the biopsy came back positive. The dentist wouldnt prescibe anything until I agreed to the biopsy...I have dry mouth, eyes, nose and skin. Some of the stuff I use is prescribed, some I buy myself.

Conflict between doctors is fairly common and it leaves you confused. Maybe you should get a second opinion?


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