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hi all just a wee winge went out with kids had a fab day sun roasting did all the usual stuff cream out long sleeves denims thought shoukld be ok ohhhhhhhh boy 5.30 this morning i was up crying with pain hubby tring to get ready for work lol plus trying to help me slept all day still abit sore but boy my kids had fun so was worth it but be awhile b4 we do it again

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Sorry, that must be awful. Do u have complete sunblock?


yes i have sun sense 50plus feeling bit better 2day but still abit swollen and tired


Hi, I really feel for you as I am in the same situation. I have 5 year old twin sons and do exactly the same things as you.

I rest as much as I can for a few days before then I do the following. I have a huge wide brim hat that is a tight weave and I know it sounds daft but its slightly to big or I find I get a headache. You can get sun screen on prescription from your GP which they give you the highest factor possible.

When I go out I max my pain killers before and keep them maxed for the next few days as I find this helps. Drink loads and I don't just mean a little I mean loads then you get to go to the toilet and take 5 min in the cool (but don't cool your face with water as you will wash sun lotion off), it also helps pass the nasties as my sons call them out of your body as it creates them during the day.

Anyway I hope some of this helps. Enjoy the time you have with your family.

Best wishes Helen


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