is this part of Lupus !!!!??

I have fibromyalgia and possible Lupus so i am used to all the symptoms but just over the last 2 wks my ankles hurt so badly when i walk and my wrists have always been quite painful, also my skin on my hands have been stinging all day !!!?? is it possible these symptoms are Lupus related !? i know its hard to tell but at the mo this is where my pain is worse and my ankles have never hurt this much !

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Hi Larissa, I don't know if you have Lupus or if what you describe is Lupus, I have Discord Lupus plus Lupus and my skin stings or feels like it on fire and it would blister to, I use factor 50 so that it doesn't happen so much, I would get in touch with your GP and see what they can do to help with your skin and the painful joints, its quicker than waiting to see your consultant. I hope you feel brighter soon x


Hi, I have both and as far as my body goes its a big yes. I wear wrist splints and walk with sticks as they are so painful. Sit with your feet raised and if on the computer do it a little at a time.

Best wishes



You might want to ask your doctors about the use of Rx topicals for pain. Highly effective with some patients.


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