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Polymyalgia /temporal artritis

Has anyone out there been diagnosed with polymyalgia (PMR)or temporal artritis? This usualy affects people in their 60's however my mum was diagnosed with it in her 40's and so when I saw the general consultant last year (aged 45) with same symptoms was told I had it also and perscribed 40mgs steroids. We both have so many lupus symptoms pretty convinced that is what it is, particularly given the fact that PMR usually affects you for aprox 18mths and mum has been affected for 20yrs. Not sure if it coud be in addition to or part of lupus though.

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Hi, I have been diagnosed with TA and I have the full range of Lupus symptoms my Dr's refuse to say it is Lupus as all my blood results have come back negative, although I do believe you can be diagnosed as Sero negative. I too am on steroids and have been for 3 years now. Steroids are supposed to reduce the effects of TA and patients return to a normal life but alas I cannot reduce below 15mg or my TA flares again. I also have Hughes/APS, Fibro and other ailments so understand it is difficult for the Docs. Take care and all the best most importantly GOOD LUCK!


Hi Lesjames - That's interesting to know there's someone else out there with such a condition also pretty sure it's atributed to lupus. Surely dr's should question when TA lasts longer than the usual 12-18mths, just doesn't make sense.

Hope you manage to reduce the steroids and health improves.

Take care ;-)


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