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It's been along time since signing in. Was diagnosed with lupus last July and seem to be coping ok with symptoms. Changed jobs at the end of last year because I just felt so depressed where I was. So I went from full time to part time which helped mentally but not financially. Now I'm at the point where I have a promotional opportunity and I think I won't get it because of the lupus. My manager thinks I wont cope full time and with the added stress, but I can't afford not to try. Some days the brain fog can be bad and I get angry with myself for forgetting things. I don't have a social life because I sleep most of the time when I'm not at work or just can't be bothered going out, which makes me feel worse. Even in work people think i'm strange because I don't want to sit with them at lunch, but I just want to give my brain a rest and wouldn't know what to talk about anyway.

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Hi Scoobydoo, don't cut yourself off from other people. If work is the only stimulus your brain is getting then use it to your advantage,try and make your time there more enjoyable. People do like talking about themselves,especially their ailments,and boy you've got alot of ailments to talk about. I too get really annoyed with myself, brain is definitly getting worse, big time. That does worry me for when I look for a new job. You try for that promotion if feel up to it, you've got nothing to lose. Good luck.xx


Thanks Janetd

Yeah your right I should take advantage of it, I think it's because most of my life I've been a bit of a loner anyway so it's hard to change habit of a lifetime. Hopefully the brain fog will stay away long enough to get past the interview.

Take care x


Definitely give it a go. If you get the promotion well done and give it your best. If you can manage it all the better. If you can not manage it be straight up with your employer straight away and find a way between the two of you to manage around the brain fogged moments/days.

Better yet find coping techniques (ones that work for you) to overcome 'the fog'. I am a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) survivor in addition to having SLE. I am brain fog. HA! I notate everything on iPhone, audio memo, alarms, stickies, calendar, on my laptop, in my handwritten agenda, magic marker too. Audio memo is fab especially when used with several alarms. Adjust adapt overcome. Repeat...

On on on ...

Best of luck to you. Be well.


I understand what you mean about not wanting to sit with people at lunch. I've always preferred to have lunch by myself so I can have a rest and although it's nice that people want to chat to you, they don't understand that just chatting can tire you out. I usually stay at my desk or go for a walk if I feel up to it.

I'd write things down but I seem to forget what I was going to write down before I get the notebook out!


I increased my hours for financial reasons last September . . On Friday don't come near me as I'm bound to bite your head off because I'm feeling really tired and Saturday's I'm in bed trying to catch up.


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