Good morning lupies!

Hi all, I hope you are doing well as can be expected. I am ok, I left my job in September last year due to ill health, I am much better, have had one flare in my right wrist for 2 weeks which is calming down now. I am trying to get back to work but finding a job is proving difficult. I am getting a bit worried now as I keep getting rejections. I was wondering if any one could offer some words of advice? I worked for 14 yrs with no health issues and then bam, lupus got me, I am a fish out of water.

Have a great day all and big hugs xxxx

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Yeah I know how u feel I was full time but had to lower to part time as I was of sick for 6 months and the hospital told me it's to much for my body to deal with although my work was very understanding guess I was lucky still get very shattered after 3 days and just about cope with my health, keep the fight going love all the bet of luck to you x


Thankyou Lennox it means a lot, I may have an interview lined up, fingers crossed, thank you for your kind words. Have a lovely day and I hope you are feeling ok x


Hi Pammy

I know what you mean, I not only have SLE but also have Osteoarthritis, I was given early retirement from a long term job.

I have been told that I will never get another job! I am awaiting a knee replacement too so that makes it even more difficult.

Sorry to hear about your situation. Will so many going for one job it is even more difficult.

All the best x


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