I have a constant dull ache on right side of back but its not my kidneys... what is it??

I am on hydroxychloroquine and not sure whether it is a side effect but i have had a constant dull ache on the right side of my back for at least a month now. At times I find myself having to take deep breaths too. I have been to the walk in clinic who tested my urine which was clear but was told my kidney was enlarged and I needed to see my GP to get a referral for an ultrasound. I seen my GP the same day and he shunned it off saying it was an enlaged bowel and gave me herb tablets for IBS?? (the same useless GP who sent me home with nothing on the first appt I went see him when I discoverd my enlarged lymph nodes then 4 weeks later I ended up on the operating table having a cancer biopsy after getting a second opinion). Has anybody had this symptom?

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I had a pain like that for 2 years after being diagnosed with IBS took probiotics for that length of time and suddenly it went away been gone for 2 years but back again now so not sure if it's IBS related have started back on probiotics just to make sure, but insist that your Dr refers you to a urologist if he won't send you for a scan sounds as though you need one just to make sure, good luck


It is probably kidneys! Even the walk in said so - if they said it was enlarged and needed an ultrasound then you should see a different GP who will listen to that. Believe me, I have been hospitalised with a kidney infection - it is no fun! (Look out for a raised temperature by the way...)

It's difficult though - A&E were amazed that I didn't come in with the kidney pain sooner, but as I tried to explain, if I came to A&E every time I had a new pain/symptom, I would spend half my life there and they wouldn't appreciate it. It is a guessing game of "is this my condition or something else?" all the time. I quite often have to take urine samples to the doctors and ask for a dip test to check whether it is another UTI. It's the only way I can tell!

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After 2 years of kidney tests it was realised that it was my deltoid muscle down back and was the underlying symptom of retrolithesis which means my discs are slipping and wearing away also that there is arthritis on my lower vertebrae. I thought the pain was my kidney for years and as there was protein and blood regularly in my urine i guess no one thought any further but i was constantly told the kidneys dont cause x ray would show it. Good luck.


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