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What a week!!!!

Well, after suffering a flare for over 6 weeks my doctor finally agreed to let me have yet another course of steroids.

This inturn effected my INR reading and sent it to 4.7 which was obviously too high, so felt awful again. Reduced meds one night then got upset tummy so INR dropped to 1.4 in 3 days - then felt really awful.

managed to get my inr back to 3.8. then off I go to see the max fax man re my terrible teeth to get told might not just be the sjogrens as i have a ferriten level of only 8 and so am anaemic. So I am now on a double strength course of iron tablets for the next 2 months - dodgy tummy here we come again.

When will it ever end? (whinge whinge lol)


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I am hoping this flare ends for you soon. I have a lupus flare after getting a chest infection wef 23rd Dec, followed by a water infection - which triggered the lupus flare! My MMF has been increased to 1500mg per day, (so far so good) and my steroid is 5mg per day. This is to be reduced in April/May. I am only just starting to feel a little better - but now have learnt to respect me and my body - and not to feel annoyed or gutted if I am too tired at times to do anything. pacing oneself i have found has helped! Make sure you get plenty of rest, even little cat naps help!


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