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swollen lymph nodes…

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Hi, has anyone experienced swollen lymph glands under their right arm, right side of neck snd right groin? Xx

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Dear Soe1Have you been checked for Under active Thyroid this can certainly effect your neck, unsure about other areas.

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Soe1 in reply to willow80

Hi Willow, thank you for your reply. No I haven’t but I’ll look into that.

Hi Soe, I get slightly swollen glands in my neck when I'm a bit flarey, makes me look like I've got a double chin! Before I was diagnosed and on meds, had this really bad one side of my neck. I think it's just a sign of the immune system being active. Probably a good idea to get it checked out though, if it seems unusual.

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Soe1 in reply to Choccy8

Thank you for your reply. Hope your ok today?

I’d defo get it checked with your doctor. If they are soft and move around it could be just reactive lymph nodes but if they are hard you should get checked. I have lymphoma and these are the areas that my haematologist checks for.

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Soe1 in reply to Lizard28

Thank you for your reply, I’ve seen my specialist and having a CT scan next week. Do you mind me asking, is it Hoskins lymphoma you have? Hope your ok and being treated?

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Lizard28 in reply to Soe1

It was a rare NHL called Nodal Marginal Zone Lymphoma. Lymphoma is one of the high risk but rare symptoms of lupus and Sjögrens. I have MCTD and lupus. Ive had chemo in 2018 but it came back again but not as bad so I am on watch and wait now. Just living with it but I’m ok. Best wishes. X

Hello Willow, Sorry to hear your getting this, I get this and feels like there going to burst, neck under arms but groin is most uncomfortable, it was because of lupus flare which included leg and foot pain and weight loss with me. I am on steroid prednisolone seemed to help. If it’s new get it checked could be bacterial infection worth having checked by GP. 😃

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Soe1 in reply to Geeforce99

Thank you for your reply, I’m waiting on a CT scan so fingers crossed I’ll get an answer. Hope your well?

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Geeforce99 in reply to Soe1

Hi Soe1 Glad to hear your waiting on a CT scan hope it comes through soon, I’m recovering from Covid taking a while and seemed to trigger other health issues, improving slowly every day. Take care 😃

I get swelling in my lymph nodes on my left side, normally passes, is just a little uncomfortable.

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Hi, I’m sorry to hear you get it too. I’ve had this going on for absolutely years now but finally having a CT scan in two weeks. Hope your well?

Good luck with that. Mine just go up and down. One under arm and groin can be annoying.

Hello, I had a persistent hard, moveable, painless lymph node in my right armpit. Then I developed one in my left groin. Then in my left armpit. All of my doctors kept saying they were probably reactive and to just wait. My gut was telling me otherwise. My blood work was all normal. My GP to ordered a core needle biopsy and I was diagnosed with indolent follicular non Hodgkins Lymphoma in October 21.

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Hi, I’m so sorry about your diagnosis. Hope your doing well? My blood was fine but like you, I have this gut feeling. Hopefully my CT scan will shed some light? Are you on treatment?

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Piscesdreamer in reply to Soe1

Indolent Lymphomas are very slow growing. The treatments including chemo would be more damaging to my body than the cancer at this point. I am on watchful waiting which means a scan every 6 months and blood work every 3 months. If I start having what they call B symtpoms (drenching night sweats, profound fatigue, bone pain, etc) or if the lymphnodes start impeding an organ or blood flow, I will start treatment. I plan on holding off treatment as long as possible. There are many new treatments in the pipeline and I am hoping they come up with a cure. This particular lymphoma is considered chronic and incurable. So many people have a different treatment every few years to knock it back.

Swollen lymph nodes are a regular symptom for me, although mine happen symmetrically rather than on one side. They usually get better after a couple of weeks. You do need to have it checked though as it could be many things. I had a biopsy done when this started to check it wasn't anything other than autoimmune.

I agree Soe 1 get them checked. I have swollen lymph nodes in my neck and armpit. I’ve had biopsies and they revealed nothing. When I do too much in a day they respond with a scream. I take aspirin to help with inflammation and pain. Best Regards, Titters n

As with many who've replied here, I get swollen Lymph nodes just as I'm flaring. They last a couple of days and are gone. They're a good sign for me to calm it down a little 😂

Thank you everyone who commented on my post, I found your replies really helpful. Plus it’s good to know your not in your own and it could just be a lupus flare up. Xx

hi, I have swollen lymph nodes under my left arm it is so sore as it keeps rubbing against my arm. I am seeing the gp Monday but I am sure it is down to the lupus.

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