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Lupus Profundus

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I was diagnosed with Profundus about 10 years ago and I am on hydroxychloroquine. Lately if I have a fall or twist an ankle etc it takes months to heal...I have swollen knees after a fall in 2018...they went down a bit but it all seems to be fluid. I asked my gp for fluid tablets after getting no help from a physio. She said fluid tablets would not work and it was probably arthritis anyway ?? Anyone else have this issue.


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Yes, I’ve always had a very similar reaction. Whenever I get a problem with joints or tendons, it lasts for months and months before it resolves. There often doesn’t appear to be any reason behind the swelling and bloods don’t usually show anything as inflamed (I am positive to the usual lupus markers). I cannot give you any magic solution I’m afraid as I just have to let things take their course and it’s always resolved with time … but of course then inevitably something else flares up.

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This is dangerous advice for Lupus patients. Hydroxychloroquine has been shown to ameliorate many of the effects of this disease causing early mortality. The sun causes Lupus flares so yes go out in the sun snd get a flare that damages your health. Methotrexate when monitored appropriately is one of the oldest & safest drugs used in RA & Lupus. Please do not listen to this advice. Your life may depend on it.

I’m taking hydroxychloroquine and also take a long time to heal!Recently had problems with a bakers cyst in one leg with swelling around the knee and calf. 2nd one in 6 months, just need to have patience for it to heal with time!

Stretching and swimming helps me!

Good luck and I hope you feel better

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Thanks everyone x

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