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Does anyone else have really bad itchy skin or just me sorry to keep asking questions x

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I've got terrible itchy skin, mainly my legs and back. I forgot to ask about it at the last appointment

I have days that I constantly itch all over. They just gave me an antihistamine

I'm not sure if it's the meds or what. I just rub in aveno for some relief, fed up taking tablets

I get itching too, but to my throat, nose, face. My scalp also!I used to think it was hayfever related but I get it even when the weather is cooler and in to winter too

Mine is all over but face is worse x

Really interesting isn’t it. Before I started looking in to just how much can be autoimmune related, I just used to think it was allergies. I’m growing to accept that my body is going to start doing random things when I don’t expect it 😅

I know because I have copd as well used to put it down to some of that i find getting out the bath makes me really itchy x

Yes! I feel so much irritation getting out of the shower. I don’t want to rely on antihistamines though in case they make me more drowsy than I already am on some days x

I dont take neither just put me dermol on can I ask do you get the shakes x

Yes, my husband used to tease me that when I make a coffee I end up with ‘most’ of it on the kitchen side 😂 x

That makes me feel better I get shakes quite abit thought it was something else crying now as just thought it was me x

Absolutely not just you! It feels so bizarre that after all this time I’ve found a community of people who understand the symptoms and how hard it can be sometimes

I’ve got a patch on my knee that itches like mad … and occasionally I get a patch on my buttock that flares up and drives me mad, which it is at present both worse in warm weather. However when I use Eurax cream the itch does stop and relief lasts for ages. Eurax is available over the counter and I do recommend.

Have a lovely day 🤗

Yes and I find heat aggravates it hugely. A red pin prick rash follows the itch which when scratched are sore and bleed, some turn into larger bumps the crust over and eventually grow in to brown waxy or rough like moles. GP couldn’t care a dot! I think these moles are kerrises (spelling)????

I’m so glad you said this! Just before I read it I was scratching my legs like mad, bleeding slightly and I have a pin pick rash too. I was just wondering if it is ANOTHER lupus thing to put up with. Never had it before and it is worse when I go from hot to cold like getting up or after a bath or shower. It’s driving me mad. Arms get really itchy at night too! Bless you xx

Have you just had the Covid vaccine? I got that sort of irritation as one of the numerous side effects from that.

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Shenzie in reply to AgedCrone

No had my 2nd dose 2 weeks ago x

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AgedCrone in reply to Shenzie

I started getting the itching to the second vaccination after about 10 days......after all the other side effects!

Yes! I had it on Saturday! That may well be what it is! Thanks for that, it didn’t even occur to me that it could have been that. I had the AstraZeneca as it was what o had for my first one 😘

I had the AZ too.....& the two doctors I saw both agreed that it was probably the has eased off with plenty of moisturiser...but I still have the headaches & dizziness.

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Shenzie in reply to AgedCrone

I had the Pfizer x

Yes I get terrible itchiness mainly on my arms wrists and hands. Feels like something is crawling around under the skin. Drives me insane and keeps me awake at night, antihistamines don’t help. If it’s mild dermovat cream eases it a little, sometimes find that wrapping a bandage as tight as I can bear round it can help too. I’ve always thought that stress can make it worse too.

Hi Shenzie, yes I itch like mad, especially my back and arms. I take antihistamines and use very thick emollient cream twice a day. I hope you find something that helps you xx

Do you keep your skin well moisturised? Dry skin can cause terrible can any sort of soap/shower gel.....particularly if it’s heavily scented.Ask your pharmacist to recommend a moisturising lotion that does double duty as a wash & moisture lotion.

Yes! It drives me absolutely NUTS. Dr Google is concerned about liver function. Lupus can attack the liver. And itching without rash is a symptom. So now I’m on the daunting road (in this damndemic) of trying to get my doctor to check out my liver.

I certainly do, especially scalp and legs!? I can’t do without Doublebase which I get on prescription so after every shower a little of that keeps the itch away, sadly no good for scalp but that has flared recently and I’m sure it was a slight reaction to the vaccine. I cut back on dairy and red meat and that helps.

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Shenzie in reply to SotonBee

Does anyone suffer with wind I keep getting really bad pains under breasts and and have bad wind sorry about this x

I'm itchy on my legs, hands and face and when my legs start it sets off my rls and I can't sit still until it stops which can take hours and it's exhausting. Taking carbadopa levodopa to help control it but it doesn't always work, sometimes I think I'm going to lose my mind.

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