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Getting There


Well I cannot knit, crochet, sew but I have been trying unsuccessfully to make sourdough bread. I make yeasted bread three times a week, I make pizza dough, Bara Brith, Pantone, sweet buns but sourdough has eluded me. Three weeks ago I bought a starter kit online which contained dried sourdough starter. I have fed it daily, kept it warm, honestly such care has gone into it. My first loaf was flat, my second was airy on the top but the bottom two thirds were dense. My third attempt had been doing a happy dance. It is far from perfect but I am so proud of it. It tastes amazing . It may not look much but is a huge achievement for me. Perseverance is everything ❤️🍞

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Looking good Mrs Warburton😆

😂😂 thank you xxx

Looks delicious

CecilyParsley in reply to baba

Thank you so much xx

Sourdough bread is just the best isn’t it 😋 your loaf looks amazing - well done xx

Thank you so much xx

Thank you I am getting there xx

Yummy! An accomplishment. It took two of us to make a roast beef this weekend 😅

I used to love roast beef before I became vegetarian. I still cook meat for my hubby but haven’t touched it mysekf for over two years now. The biggest thing for me was missing gravy but I now make a mushroom gravy which is delicious xxx

You are quite a cook! I have seen the photos of your beautiful desserts too. I confess to eating a few too many bakery cookies after the roast beef. 😅

Thank you, it is my joy. I cannot make things pretty like I used to but at least they taste nice. Cookies are allowed xxx

Hi CecilyParsley

Wow 👌that’s the best looking sour dough I’ve ever seen , I’ve had sour dough toast this morning , really good for your stomach , has long as your not gluten intolerant . I’ve always wanted to make sour dough .

Keep baking 🌟


Hi Willow it is a bit of a fiddle to make in terms of making the starter then the leven then getting the dough shaped as it is so much wetter than yeasted dough but I love the taste and prefer it toasted as it is so crisp and crunchy. Normal toast gets so soggy. I am so delighted I got an edible loaf. These days I feel useless most of the time so achieving something always makes me feel so much better xxx

Hi CecilyParsley

I know what you mean by feeling useless .

I have just wrote a long detailed explanation on this site about an ordeal I had today with my practice doctor , as he thinks I should be in group 8 for the vaccine . It’s totally wiped me out emotionally and physically dealing with him , after nearly finishing my post , my battery ran out and lost what took me half hour practically to write . 🙇‍♀️✍️.

I’ve not been able to make myself a meal , just snacks and cups and cups of tea .

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day .


Oh I am so sorry Willow. I understand the issues only too well re your GP. Mine do not think I need to shield or that I am vulnerable despite all my conditions yet none of my Consultants will see me face to face because of the risks. I feel neglected and let down and I am sure that you do too. It does not help the feelings of low self worth. I know emotional distress wipes me out now too. I had my lovely friend Jo’s funeral by Zoom today and it broke my heart. I slept for six hours afterwards. Charge your phone and do it again tomorrow. Cc in the practice manager and the local Health Board. The only reason I got my vaccine was through the kindness of an old friend or I would still be waiting too. Sending you huge Cwtches and lots of love xxx

Wow well done, forget the needles 🤣🤣🤣 👍🙌🏻Xx

Looks delicious. As I have said before I really must come round for tea!! I have recently made an 'Italian' cake with pine nuts in it - very yummy and a marmalade cake. All lovely but gosh - I have put on a little around the middle and have decided that tomorrow I must start the shift it diet but there again perhaps I'll send you my address for some lovely sourdough bread parcels instead. xx

CecilyParsley in reply to RosieA

I am literally like a barrel of lard. Steroids make me nauseous all day and ravenous at night. Right now I am past caring but I will be strict with myself once I can move more and try to shift it xxx

RosieA in reply to CecilyParsley

Oh, I am so sorry about the steroids - nasty things but they do make such a difference. I have spent the last 4 months trying to reduce them and am about to come off. I have been warned that, of course, I may experience some increased pain. So very hard. I can't tolerate alendronic acid and already have low bone density. So for me it is a real balancing act. I have just had my gym balance ball delivered. Will inflate it today and then try it out tomorrow. Wouldn't it be wonderful if just sitting on it watching the telly could start the firming up process!! Enjoy all your lovely baking, I do mine, my only vice- hu hum and I do so hope the nausea reduces soon. xx

Wonderful Cecily, ! You did it. Treat the dough, and it will rise to the occasion, and feed you...Bread, is the heart of life, with a bit of" wine" sometimes, as we all do it, LOL......I can taste it from here .Now, may I ask from over here, across the miles, what is Bara Brith. Keep those sweet buns warm there, and well. Much love, and braking of the breads together, Thestormy sunshine:) Xxxxx

Hi Storm, how are you my lovely? Bara Brith is a Welsh tea bread. You soak the dried fruit overnight in strong black tea so that they are plump and juicy then add them to a sweet white bread dough and bake it in a loaf tin. When it comes out you brush it with a sugar syrup and serve it cold with butter. It is delicious. I use golden sultanas, cranberries and sour cherries. Big Cwtches and tummy rubs to gorgeous Storm xxx

RosieA in reply to CecilyParsley

I heard on the radio that the word companion comes from the latin, com (something or other) meaning to break and panion - bread. So breaking bread together. Just a little bit of useless information that I thought went well with this thread but we're all like companions really. xx

CecilyParsley in reply to RosieA

We certainly are Rosie. This is a place that I feel valued and safe. You are wonderful people and this is my happy place. Breaking bread is a great way to share the love xxx

Horsewhisper in reply to RosieA

Like it RosieA!

OMG! That sounds amazing! I’m going to make it! Xxx

That looks amazing! well done.

Thank you I am so pleased I persevered. My earlier ones resembled pancakes lol xx

Looks absolutely delicious. And happy to get your Barabrith recipe. That is my absolute favourite treat when we holiday in Wales.

CecilyParsley in reply to CBW54

I will send it to you. A very easy and delicious treat. My Nan used to make it more cake like but I like the traditional bread type xx

Wow! I'm so jealous. I can't tolerate normal bread cakes etc but sourdough seems fine for me, which is good as I love it. I really need to take your lead and make my own. Very impressive! X

It takes a bit of getting used to because it is stickier and wetter than yeasted dough and you fold instead of kneading. The shaping is key and getting the oven hot enough 260. But it really is worth the effort. I had tried and failed previously but when I bought a sourdough loaf from a master baker Christmastime I was drooling over it. I tried other loafs but they were tough and tasteless despite costing over £4 so I sent for a starter kit. It was great two little glass pots, a glass stirrer, a tube of dried starter and best of all an instruction book. I hope my loaves will get better and better xxx

Sounds amazing! I'm inspired! X

A perfect looking bake. xx

Thank you Lou. I hope that you are feeling better lovely? Xxx

you too. xx

Cecily, that is so cruel showing us that delicious looking sourdough bread when we can’t have any!😍🥲 I’m drooling here and can’t do anything about it. 😂🤣It looks amazing. Keep going and don’t forget to share with your pals on here. 😉 Take care. 🤗😘xx

Thank you so much. I was ludicrously happy. Neil was laughing at me as I did a happy dance in the kitchen. The fact that he has eaten half of it says everything though. He would not touch the first two I made lol xxx

Neil eating half of it already is great testimony that it tastes as good as it looks! 😋 He’ll be so proud of you. 👍🏻 You’ll have to make another and hope it is as good as this one. 🙏🏻 Enjoy the rest of it before it disappears! 😂🤗😘x

I am just eating some of it toasted now xxx


thestorm in reply to Spotty-ewe

LOL, my dear friend. Bread for all, thanks tp Cecily!!! Baking? Love, thestormy sunshine Xxxxx

Spotty-ewe in reply to thestorm

I think we are too late dear Stormy - it’s all gone by now. 😭 We’ll have to be quicker when the next loaf appears. 😉😂😂 Love and hugs to you Stormy 💕🤗xx

Very true there is one piece left for my breakfast lol xxx

thestorm in reply to Spotty-ewe

Well, Spotty, we are better late than never, more to rise earlier as I am always late. Cecily will share her piece. And, did you know of Bara Brith? Cc, gave me the definition of it. Boy, that sounds so good. Lets make that one...Yummy yummy in the tummy........ Lots of licks, and much love spotty, and to all. Xxxxxxx

Spotty-ewe in reply to thestorm

😂😂Yummy, yummy all right! Love and hugs Stormy 💕🤗😘x

Congratulations Cecily on a wonderful looking sourdough loaf 🙌N thank u for the invite..could I have a slice of it with cheese n tomato..toasted..please!! 🙏😋You tease!! 😹

Well done for your persistence..think it's paid off!! 🌈😽😽Xx

I think so too. Honestly I was delighted to get higher than a pancake this time lol. It is so crisp toasted xxx

Don’t eat it .. it’s too perfect 🤩😂! That’s such an achievement well done 😍xx

Thank you so much. I don’t do much to be proud of these days but this was a challenge for me so I was ecstatic xxx

Looks fab CP!😋 🍞 I bet it tasted delicious with that firm, crunchy crust! And yes, nothing like perseverance to get there. When I try and bake/cook something for the first time I don’t expect it to be a success - if it is, it’s a bonus! My daughter attempted to make Mochi today which failed as we didn’t have the right type of rice flour, so in the bin it went and we’ll try again another time when we have the correct flour! A good life lesson for youngsters especially when they see so many “perfect” outcomes on social media etc and expect so much from themselves....meanwhile back in the real world! Hope all good with you 🤗😘🤗

Ooh I have not heard of Mochi? Off to Google it now and of course you are right, if it turns out well it is a real bonus. This has been my Achilles heel I booked Neil and I on a sourdough course a few years ago and the brain fog got me. We turned up the day after the course 🙈. Fortunately the baker let us book another course so we ended up doing the Christmas wreath, panetonne, stolen and plaited Christmas bread instead which was lovely but not sourdough. We booked again last year but Covid stopped that. Xxx

Looks delicious! 😋😋

Thank you so much xx