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Second to last!!

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Need to vent:

So I just looked up how my area CA is doing the vaccination groups. Like many, I expected to higher up the list because of my autoimmune diseases and my chronic C Diff. But I know that there’s been a massive hold up on distribution. 🙄

They published the chart a few days ago and immune /health compromised people are second to last!!!

My jaw dropped on the floor. We were demoted. This isn’t limited to immune. It’s all health compromised. Going by our national stats, I’d say that’s prob about 1/3 of my state’s population ... 14,000,000 of us at least 😧!!!!!

Uuggghhhhhhh 😞😞😞

I’m going to go smack my head against a wall now.

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Katidid -

It has to be demoralizing for people in fragile heath and high risk to see healthy 65 year olds getting vaccines before them. I honestly don’t know what transpired. They were trying to hit large populations of high risk people. In New York they suddenly lowered the age from 75 to 65 but didn’t include the medically vulnerable. Very surprising.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine could be a game changer. And we have a new president who just announced the need for Congress to allocate money for serious vaccine logistics.

Hope it won’t be as long a wait for you!


If you aee in the us maybe better latter as there will be J and J vaccine thats more of a classic vaccine and less surprizes there. We dont know how immunosupressed people react to mrna vaccines

Give yourself a big hug x

hi please dont smack your head at the wall we will all come out of this ,your not alone we are in this together and will soon be able to go out into the big wide world , hang on in ther kid the cavalry is coming .god bless and take care Rodders1941

One positive: they are converting 1/3 of Disneyland to be a vacation center. Happiest place on earth for another reason I guess 😅

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*vacination ... 😬

In ct people 65 and above and people 16 to 65 within a specific list of health risks were added to our 1b ( upgraded from 1c) but 75 plus go first then essential workers than the high risk group. The decision on who goes first is based solely on which groups had the highest mortality per population rates.

Autoimmune is not specifically listed but I am on a high risk group due to a congenital heart condition and a history of cerebral vascular accident and have been contacted by my local hospital saying within a few weeks I will be scheduled for my vaccination but I will likely get it as a teacher before the high risk grouping for my school district is starting to schedule us next week.

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I think high risk is any disease that compromised your ability to fight infection. I’m glad to hear that there has been an upgrade. It’s just a personal opinion that essential workers are lower than an age group. So many got sick trying to help all of us and so many are still at such high risk.

We’re having a big debate here about the % of infection + rate of death in terms of who gets the vaccine. Unfortunately, for us it doesn’t match up. Those most likely to spread it, get and die from it are lower on the list (!!!) than a MUCH smaller population that is already at high risk of death ... from anything. And when I say much smaller, I’m really emphasizing smaller.

The math doesn’t add up, the prioritization won’t slow this down and it won’t unburden our health system at the rate we need it to. We have a shortage of oxygen! Ugh.

I’m sincerely worried that since we’re the state that has been on lock down the longest and/or longest restrictions in place that ppl are just going up stark getting really mad and do unsafe things.

Pray pray pray that doesn’t happen. Everyday I just close my eyes and try to visualize a better future for everyone.

Hi Kati. Sooo sorry you were demoted.

I just heard on the news that the Nation was deceived into thinking that there was enough Covid vaccines for everyone.

Here in Michigan there are over 5,000 requests and only 975 available daily.

My dad was supposed to be able get his 2 weeks ago and nothing happened. He and my brother and hubby all have qualifying conditions and they still haven’t received notice to get their jabs.

Makes NO sense at all.

Just keep vigilant about covid protocols.

My fervent prayer is for everyone to get their vaccines ASAP. Trusting Him that it will happen.

Take care be safe.

Sending hugs 🤗 love 💗 and prayers 🙏🕊.

EJ 😊😘🌿🌸🦋

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I’m stumped. Nothing is making sense about it. Obvi everyone was upset to learn of the non existent vaccines which to me should be a crime. But distribution is just a jumbled mess. In CA they can barely get healthcare workers covered, but my uncle and his wife who are seniors but she with zero medical conditions already got vaccinated in suburban Colorado? Huh? None of it makes sense. All I know is that CA goes down so much of the country will be financially ruined. We need to get our working and vulnerable ppl up the list to rev up our economy. Our state income is distributed to so many states to keep them afloat (sometimes a fact that a lot of ppl don’t know). We’re the 6th largest economy in the world. We compete with the US. So, I guess technically the world is somewhat dependent on CA not crashing and burning. Which ... well we kinda are :(

At a personal level, I won’t even step outside my front door. It’s just too much. Too, too much.

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OMGOODNESS Kati 🤗My heart goes out to you and your State.

There needed to be a government guideline on what protocol to follow for the whole Nation.

A mandate for locations and control over the requests shipping and delivery.

I’m confused why the med to high risk need aren’t at the top of the list with the 75 and up.

25 - 74. Then babies to 24

You’re right that CA is essential to the world and National economy.

If EVERYONE wore their masks faithfully and were stedfast to foliw covid protocols this pandemic would be on its way out or at least controlled by now.

The longer there is resistance or blatant rebellion the longer it’s here.

I don’t blame you for staying put sweetie I am too.

Take care stay safe hun.

EJ 💗🤗🥰🙏😊

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katidid in reply to honeybug

💯🙏🙏❤️ ❤️

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honeybug in reply to katidid


It really is run by your state not the federal government. Ct has none of the issues and has been organized with a high percent of those in the approved group receiving their vaccine and we have not run into shortage issues at all. My parents are scheduled to receive their shots next week as they are in the over 75. When this group is finished we will do essential workers then 65 and above and 16 to 64 with comorbitities. My appointment will be made next week but will likely not happen until mid to late February as a teacher.

If your state is having issues remember this when it comes time to choose your next governor. Each state was responsible for ordering, organizing and administering the vaccine to their constituents😥

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