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Beautiful Flowers


I received these beautiful flowers today from a friend for my Birthday on Sunday. They cheered me up, my favourite colour so I thought I would share them with you lovely people. Have a fabulous weekend and stay safe everyone ❤️xx

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Happy birthday cecily 🥳💐🎂 xx

Thank you. I am so old 😫😩😩xx

I'd like to say you are as young as you feel but I feel 80 some says lol x

Me too. Not only do I feel old I have a three inch white parting which I have to say is dreadfully unflattering. Just as well I am not going out. I would scare the natives 😁😁 xx

Oh no I'm sure you wouldnt theyd all be jealous lol I'm going quite grey now too xx

Dreadful isn’t it? Thank goodness for the powder that blends them away. It is so ridiculous I am in tears now a Facebook friend, a young Mum with Lupus passed in August I only just found out. I never met her but I feel grief stricken for her little boy. Life is so precious and I waste so many days, weeks, months, years being miserable. I need to do more and make it count. So sorry I did not mean to depress everyone xx

Saddened to hear that cecily 😔 children are very resilient my son was 6 when his dad died and he has done me proud by doing very well in school and college.

As hard as we try to be positive and upbeat it's very hard living with chronic illness and some miserable days are to be expected and forgiven .big hug 🤗 xx

Thank you so much. She was a single Mum and he was her entire world. I regret not having caught up this past few months feeling rough I have only gone onto Facebook to wish people Happy Birthday or post positive things because it does affect your mental health the sheer hate filled things that go on. I am so grateful for your kindness but I need to try something to buck myself up..maybe tomorrow xxx

I dont use facebook or any like it for that reason it's also why I keep myself to myself .I'm sure you will pick yourself up chin up hun xx

Cecily, they’re beautiful. Happy Birthday 🎂🥂xx

Thank you xx

Lovely flowers 🌷 and belated birthday 🎂 wishes I hope you had a nice day 🙏

Happy weekend 😂👍xx

It is this #unday, so you are early. Thank you xx

🤣🤣 early , Omg I’m a dum dum, but then I wish you a happy birthdaY 🥳 for Sunday and hope you have a lovely day 🙈😂😂🎂🌸🤗xx

Thank you so much xxx

They are so beautiful ❤️ hope you have a fantastic Birthday🌹🌷💐🍰🧁🎂- are you doing anything special on Sunday? X

I am making myself a coffee cake with Baileys frosting, then my lovely carer Rosemary is coming for a distanced cuppa and cake. My hubby has bought me a Clogau necklace which I haven’t seen and a box of Hotel Chocolates which I will share. I am giving myself a treadmill free day too. I am very blessed xx

What a perfect day 😊 Baileys frosted cake sounds just so delicious- you must post a pic of your cake and your necklace xx

Thank you, my cakes never look pretty because of shaky hands but they taste nice xx


They’ll last a lot longer if you:

* separate the stalks individually so that flower heads and leaves are not cramped up allowing for more petal opening space

*cut the stems slant-wise to increase the surface area so that the flowers absorb more water

*if not done already add a sachet of vase plant nutrient to the water

Happy enjoyment!

🌸 🥀 🌹

I had left the tie on so I will remove that now. I have cut the stems and put the flower food sachet in too. They really are so gorgeous xx

👍👏congratulations! the buds open up now!

Hi Cecily, Happy Birthday to you!! Your friend is so sweet. Pink roses mean Happiness!!! Very nice, and remember, Age is only a number, in mind.......... In mine, I am only 40, LOL. May you find your number and stick to it, in all the good the universe has to give you. You deserve to always be young at heart... Bunches of birthday hugs and love to you! And woo woo woo from Storm! Thestormy sunshine Xxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you so much. In my head I am still 20 but some days my body feels like 120. I was happily singing along to Shakira today (not a pleasant sound) and smiling away but now I am walking like John Wayne minus the horse lol. Thank you for the hugs and to Storm for the woofs 🐾🐾 very much appreciated xx

Happy Birthday!

Thank you so much xx

Happy B day Cecily Enjoy your Flowers

Thank you so much xx

Happy birthday!💐

Thank you so much xx

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady 💐🤗

Happy Birthday for Sunday CP..maybe you'll post a pic of that cake your gonna make..sounds fabulous!! 😋🎉🎈🎂🎁🥂🍾


Thank you so much. I have had two more bouquets today. My home is filled with love 💐🌹🌷🌼🌸🌺xx

Birthday wishes for Sunday CP! Your flowers are beautiful. The Bailey’s frosting on your cake sounds scrumptious and a day off the treadmill a treat. Enjoy your day! 💝❣️🌺💐

Thank you so much ❤️Xx

I hope you had a good birthday.

CecilyParsley in reply to Tykle

Thank you it is tomorrow xx

Tykle in reply to CecilyParsley

Happy birthday today!

CecilyParsley in reply to Tykle

Thank you so much xx

Wishing you a very happy birthday and a much healthier year ahead! 🎂🎈🎉

CecilyParsley in reply to Lily77

Thank you Lily xx

Lovely flowers! Hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow, xxx

CecilyParsley in reply to MEGS53

Thank you so much Meg xx

Good to have lovely friends who show their appreciation. I hope you have a great birthday tomorrow. The cake sounds wonderful! Xx

All Facebook friends who have embraced me I am so fortunate. I now have four bouquets and feeling very loved and spoiled xx

Have a wonderful Birthday Weekend 🎂 💕 the flowers are beautiful

Thank you so much xx





EJ 😊🤗🥰🎂🍰🧁🍧🍨

Oh that is fabulous thank you sooo much xx

Lovely!! I adore flowers!!

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