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Keeping the cuteness going.

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Hi everyone

Here's several cuties this week that I hope you'll enjoy.

Keep as well and safe as possible in these changing times.


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Oh my goodness- Puppy 🐶 heaven ❤️❤️❤️

Hi misty 🤗 I was only thinking of u last night n wondering how u r after your procedure on Sunday..n here u r again with adorable puppies!! 💜🐶🐶🐶

Hope u r recovering well 🌈😽😽xx

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misty14 in reply to Krazykat26

Thats really kind of you krazykat to remember. Im recovering well thanks after a very tough prep. Hope I don't have another anytime soon it was horrid!. I have had good news as no bowel nasties and awaiting biopsy resukts now!.

Hope your doing well and take care. Xx

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Krazykat26 in reply to misty14

Aww bless ya 🤗good news about no bowel nasties..u did well n got it done warrior stylie!! 🏹🎯Rest up n treat yourself kindly now 🌈😽😽xx

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misty14 in reply to Krazykat26

Thanks so much krazykat, I'm going gently and improving each day now. You take care too. We certainly do have to be warriors with our health!.

Keep well and safe. Xx

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Wendy39 in reply to misty14

That's very good to hear. I've never had that procedure and so can only imagine. Thanks goodness that part is over and done with eh. xx

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misty14 in reply to Wendy39

Definitely Wendy, I don't want another colonoscopy for a long time now but it had to be done!.

I'm still unwell after it but improving each day. Xx

Aww what little cuties , so adorable 😍

I hope all went well for you on Sunday, have been thinking of you dear Misty, hope you’re recovering and have some answers now.

Sending you Big hugs 🤗 🌺💐xxx

Glad you like the cuties Diane, I'm recovering well now after a horrid prep. Really made me ill. I've had good news in so far as no bowel nasties and awaiting biopsy resukts now!. May get further gastro appt! Thanks so much for asking and thinking of me. I will pm you soon.

Hope your feeling better too , they 've started the trailer for Strictly! Just says coming soon so I'll let you know when they give a date!.

Take care lovely and keep safe. Xx

Oh dear I am sorry you had a horrible time with the prep but pleased you’re through it and good to know there's nothing nasty going on, I hope it’s not too long before you get results.

I’ve been feeling a little brighter for a few days thanks Helen but have a lot on at the mo so need to be careful.

Yes I’ve just seen the trailer for strictly and it starts Saturday woohoo 🥳, can’t wait 😊

Take care my lovely and rest up.

Big hugs 🤗 💃🕺🏻💐xxx

Thanks Diane for your lovely message. Im so pleased you've had some better days. Do hope it lasts for you as its been a long time coming. Good luck with all you've got on, thinking of you and I'll be in touch when I know something. Im improving each day now and thrilled Strictly is at the weekend!.

Big hugs lovely and TAKE CARE. Xx


So cute 😍

Love the way the one puppy rests his head on his mom!

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misty14 in reply to KayHimm

Its adorable isn't it?. KayXx

Hi misty , what a lovely bundle of puppies 🐶. Glad you got through that nasty prep , it really is rough, i think it’s nearly worse than actual procedure. Its a relief when they tell you all seems to be ok 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻, for biopsys . Look after yourself and eat light for a while , stay safe xxx

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misty14 in reply to weathervane

Thanks so much weathervane for your lovely message. Its a big relief no nasties but I hope the biopsy's prove there's inflammation as I need help with my symptoms. I ache so much after the prep and procedure which is so like inflammatory bowel!. I do agree the prep is worse than the procedure!.

I'm certainly taking things quietly. Have you heard anything yet?. Do have a good weekend and keep safe now cases are rising!. Xx

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weathervane in reply to misty14

I had to wait 4-5 weeks for biopsy results misty and letter just said all was normal , i don’t think i will have a follow up appointment, i was just given a leaflet about diverticulitis. The steroids can be very severe on stomach lining and cause gastritis , do you take omeprazole?

Chill out and enjoy the nice weather over the weekend , take care xx

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misty14 in reply to weathervane

Thats a long time to wait for biopsy results weathervane!. Taking account of covid mine should be back within 2-3weeks!. They treat diverticulitis so differently from ibd ie send patients back to their GPS which can be tough!. How's yours at the moment?. Good i hope.

I've already got a diagnosis of colitis which is one of the ibd conditions. The test was to see if its progressed to other parts of my colon as I've had 2 positive stool tests for inflammation. T he gastros take over the management of these conditions. Our local hospital has got a proper ibd service now with a nurse as well as several consultants which is really good!.

I do take omeprazole to counteract the steroid stomach effect. Anyway time will tell but in the meantime I'm improving each dsy and relieved its done.

Do hope you have a chilled weekend too. Take care Xx

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weathervane in reply to misty14

Fingers crossed there is no progression misty , its awful having to wait for results. I haven’t been too bad, just trying to work out trigger good, have now struck peppers off list along with cloves of garlic and onions , bad for some of my recipes 🙄. Take care xx

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misty14 in reply to weathervane

Thank you weathervane for your good wishes. Its certainly not easy waiting for resukts is it?.

Mum had to cut out those foods too as too harsh. We have much plainer food but it helps us both. Hopefully you'll be able to adapt your recipes, not easy!.

Do stay safe and well, these cases going up is such a worry, its happened so fast!. Xx

Hello misty

We are picking up our puppy next Saturday.

I never thought I'd be saying those words!

I am very allergic. Plus my husband and I had dogs as pets when younger but ours were always house pets and slept inside, whereas my husband grew up in the country side / farming and dogs slept outside in the shed. So we couldn't even agree on that.

Then my allergies to my mum's dogs got extreme and then I got lupus.....

So my now 12 year old daughter has begged for a dog for years. She had a bad experience when 3 and has been very scared of dogs ever since. But warmed to our friend's dog, Fudge. We knew getting one would help her and her fear but so much against it. So she actually gave up asking for one.

But last week my husband saw cockapoo puppies for sale and he suggested we get one. We were all completely shocked, blow me down with a feather...

So very quickly we went to see one and we collect her next Saturday. A chocolate brown cockapoo. To be our Coco.

My boys aged 15 and 16 have been trying to keep their teenage cool about it all, but every now and again it slips and they say that they can't wait to collect her and bring her home.

She is going to be adored.

Our eldest boy was very unsure about it all as he knows I get bad days when I need to rest etc. But we've all agreed, she's a family pet and we'll all play our part in walking etc etc.

I am sure we can do this. We've had 3 children right? I am dreading the first couple of weeks, when she cries at night etc.

But it'll be worth it I am sure. Plus apparently they have a lovely temperament and train well as intelligent.

I'll post a pic when we get her.

I am glad your procedure is over and no bad news...just biopsy results to wait for. Sounds awful. Bless you. So strong and brave.

Wendy xx

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misty14 in reply to Wendy39

oh wow Wendy, it sounds like you've all worked this out beautifully as your all such a lovely family!. This is huge for you my dear isnt it but I think too you've chosen a good breed. Its exciting and worrying all in one go! Don't our illnesses do this to us so we're denied some of the fun?. Can't wait to see a pic and hopefully it will settle in well with you all and you'll wonder how you've managed without her!. Do you watch Paul ogrady at battersea?. Some of the stories are amazing!.

Do keep us posted how you get on and I hope your bloods are OK when you do them soon. Thanks for your lovely wishes too, so appreciate it. Will think of you. Xx

I love puppies. I want them all !! 🐕‍🦺🦮🐩🐕

me too Cecily, I like anything cute at the moment. Xx

I see someone walking a dog and speak to the dog before the person lol. Puppies make me broody I want them badly. I would not give up my gorgeous boys for the world but I would love to have more. Mad dog lady here ❤️Xx

Thats wonderful Cecily, its whatever gets us thru these difficult times we're in!. I love westies but my heart is really with cats as I had 2. They 've gone now so I've become a mad hedgehog lady!. Trouble is you can't cuddle them but i love watching them feed.

I hope your feeling a wee bit better. Xx

Yes thank you I still have the gut problems and feeling weak and wobbly but the headache has gone and I am less croaky. Just made my hubby a cake that he has been longing for and bread so he is a happy bunny xx

Yummy, hope the better patch lasts for you cecily. Keep safe and well as possible.Xx

Thank you Misty, be safe xx

Thanks Cecily I will .Xx

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