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Keeping the cuteness going

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Hello everyone, here's this week's cuteness pic. Hope you like it and are keeping as well and safe as possible.


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Aren’t they adorable 😍 Love seeing these pics. Keeping safe and as well as possible here. Hope you are too. Xx

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misty14 in reply to GloomyEeyore

Glad you like them ge. We're the same and thats what we've got to be grateful for. Glad your all safe and well. Have a good weekend. Xx

Very cute 😍 best wishes 🤗

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misty14 in reply to stiff19

Thanks stiff and to you. Xx😍

must be photo shopped. how can you get that many dogs to keep still long enough for a photo?

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misty14 in reply to suzannah16

Thats what i thought suzannah. Maybe a lot of treats were handed out?. Ha ha!. Xx

Awww lovely doggies, amazing how they all sit still at the same time 🥰❤️

I wondered about that diane. Maybe a lot of treats were handed out!. Ha!. Thank you for your lovely messagde and greetings. I will reply after my Tuesdsy Rheumy appt. Ive been a bit distracted by trying to get this new hydroxy tablet. Have had to be 'hands on' more than i thiught with my surgery and pharmacy. Hopefully it will be sorted now!.

Ive also got a date 9/11 for my leg injections. Progress at last so maybe i might hear about my op?. It will be such a relief!.

Enjoy strictly and i hope your surgery appt goes well. Have a good weekend . Big hugs. Xx😍💞😍💞👋💞👋💞👋

Thank you dear Helen, the appointment went well, I’ve been put on the waiting list for a sigmoid colectomy and loop ileostomy , a big decision but it’s done, could be a while to wait though with everything going on but I think it’s better to have it done sooner rather than later and I’m not getting any younger and I’d rather have elective surgery than emergency! It was nice to see the girls that I used to work with too!

Woohoo 🙌 I’m so pleased you’ve got a date for your injections, I’m sure that can’t come soon enough for you, I do hope it’ll give you some relief and you get to hear about your op soon too🙏, it’s been too long!🤞🤞I can’t imagine mine will be this side of next summer to be honest!

All the best for Tuesday’s appointment and your hydroxy quest, oh boy it’s a full time job chasing up our medical needs 😫.

Take care my lovely, enjoy tomorrow’s strictly too. Big hugs 🤗 😘💃🕺🏻👯‍♂️🥰🥳💕xx

Hi diane, big decision indeed but i think you've made the right one to get it done while your as well as you are! . Are you urgent or routine ?. As that will make a difference to your wait. Next summer sounds an apalling long time doesnt it?.

Having seen the news tonight ill be lucky if i get my injections as cases are rising fast. There are cases on the estate i live on now, its really scary. We're only going out once a week now.

Thank you for your lovely wishes diane and ill be in touch next week. Its looking good for the hydroxy .

Keep safe and enjoy strictly. Big hug Xx😍Xx

It’ll be routine Helen so who knows 🤷‍♀️ It’ll give me time to prepare I guess!

Yes the numbers are rising fast I’m afraid, oh I do hope they don’t cancel your injections that would be so unfair for you. I’ll have everything crossed for you my lovely .

Please keep safe, chat soon... 💃💕🥰💕👯‍♂️Xxx

Thanks so much diane, i was thinking of your wait as my toe op was urgent from end jan so ive waited ten months now. Injections been waiting since july!. Its really tough but as you say gives you longer time to prepare. Big op!. They did say they dont want to shut down hosputals like they did in march but who knows. Fingers tightly crossed🤞. You keep safe too and ill pop up next week. Big hugs Xx😍💞😍💞💐❤💐❤💐❤💐❤


Fabulous photo Misty. Who would not smile seeing dogs? Xxx

They're fab arent they?. Glad you liked them. Keep well and safe. Xx

What's the story behind this pic misty? R they in a football team? 😹🌈😽😽Xx

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misty14 in reply to Krazykat26

Hi krazykat, it just says 8 hungarian vizslas modelled matching fleeces in a portrait on the river tavy lopwell dam in devon. How they did it i dont know. Maybe they're quite docile, obedient breed?. Xx😍👋😍👋😍👋😍

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Krazykat26 in reply to misty14

Oh yes 😹definitely obedient..except for the one on the far left!! 😜 I thought maybe a load of bitches had turned up in the same outfit!! 😹😔Sorry...I'll get me coat 😔 🌈😽😽xx

Important to be in matching outfits 😅


Thanks for another lovely photo misty , we all need a cute photo to smile at 😀😀😀😀

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misty14 in reply to weathervane

Glad you liked it weathervane. Too right we need lovely distractions more than ever!. Hope you enjoyed Strictly last week and are looking forward to tonights.

Hope your starting to feel better adter your treatment. I had a phone call from the hospital to give me a date for my leg injections!. Couldnt believe it really and its not long 9/11!. Just wondering if it will go ahead as cases have sky rocketed here suddenly. We've got them on our estate which is really scary. Now its half term so we're staying at home.

Do hope your lockdown has the desired effect and enjoy strictly. Keep safe X x

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weathervane in reply to misty14

Hi misty , loved strictly last week, just watching this weeks , lad from wanted did well in tango , miss the audience though as seems echoy ( is that a word?).

Great you have date for injections, 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻all goes well for you.

I had first infusion, hopefully next one will be in next 10 days . It knocks the stuffing out of me for 5 days , i felt nauseous and weak and so tired , but ready again for next one . Our numbers are very high so haven’t been out , discovered fruit and nut chocolate again, husband buys it , so tasty 😋.

Hope you had a good party for your parents anniversary 🧁🥂🍩🎂

Take care and stay safe xx😷🤗🤗

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misty14 in reply to weathervane

Hi weathervane, thank you for your lovely message. Do hope you get your infusion appt for ten days time. Glad you feel recovered enough for it. I didnt realise it was split into two appts!. Is that the end?. Do you have to have a covid test before you have it?. Ive just phoned my hospital about one as i thought i might need one and id hate to lose my appt. They say no just come if your symptom free which does surprise me.

Cases are rising so much here too, its frightening. I did go to sains on sat as my weekly outing and it was busy cos of half term. They've changed the clothing displays and made it impossible to socially distance at all. It beggars belief how they thiught of that in a pandemic!?. Was so disappointed. Glad your getting your stock of choc. Im not going out again this week and for other outings ill steer clear of shops as its too scary and not worth it.

Strictly is perfect for these challenging times!. I do agree about the echo but didnt think it too noticeable. They've done incredibly well to put it on. Couldnt believe it was week 1 on sat. Standard is so high and just loved the show.

Ive got my Rheumy tel. Appt tomorrow that i hope will be helpful.

Keep safe and well. Is your hubby still travelling for work?. Take care Xx

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weathervane in reply to misty14

Hi misty, hope you’re still keeping well 😀. I still have no word of next infusion it’s usually 2 infusions over 2-3 weeks every 6 months. I didn’t have to have a covid test , i think its only for procedures that are in anyway invasive or if you have to stay over night .

You were very brave going to sainsburys, i got petrol yesterday and paid at the pump and thought that was brave , gloves and mask 😷. My husband is still doing shopping once a week and he does hang about 🤣 he hasn’t had to travel since as doing zooms instead.

Strictly was fab , last guy was amazing , it really gives you a lift and puts a smile on your face😀😀

Good luck with tomorrows app and with injections, best wishes, stay safe xxxxx

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misty14 in reply to weathervane

Hi Weathervane, wow, you were brave too negotiating petrol. I think i was foolish really but needed some things. Its important for us to do normal things without too much risk, if that's possible?. I'm staying in now the rest of the week!.I haven't driven for over a year waiting for my op. Hope i won't have forgotten.

I hope you get your 2nd infusion on time , we'll probably be the same time. My injections are quite invasive so I'm still surprised at no covid test but keeping everything crossed I get them. Am in a lot of pain, hope you get your injections before Xmas. How is your son doing?. better I hope.

Rheumy call was helpful about my treatment as learnt a flu jab flare can take 4-6 weeks to resolve. he wants me to go to 5mg steroids when I'm better. I'm on 5.5mg which is a safer dose but been on it a long time waiting for my op!. Its damage limitation all the time!.

We just went out for a meal for my parents wedding anniversary to our favourite pub where it was still lovely despite the changes.

So looking forward to strictly on sat. Its the perfect show for now. Keep well and safe Xx

Love those pooches! Wonder if they all live in the same family? That would keep you busy with all day walking!

So glad you have your injection date, still no such luck in Scotland. Pain clinics are firmly closed apart from telephone appointments months away!!xx

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misty14 in reply to cuttysark

Hello dear cutty,

Lovely to hear from you. Good thought about the pooches. Think of the food bill too!. Im sorry about your pain clinics still being closed. Its shocking expecting everyone to just disappear because of the pandemic! . If only our illnesses would!. I hope you've managed to get help.with pain relief. Did they phone after your last injection?.

Im not sure my pain date will go ahead as cases have suddenly rocketed here. Its really scary now. We've got cases on our estate!. I darent hope too much ive been waiting since july.

Do keep safe and as well as possible. Xx

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