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Last cute puppy picture

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Good morning everybody hope everybody is doing ok in the circumstances- here is the last picture of my beautiful Bea and her puppies 🐶she has been the most loving attentive mother and my heart brims with so much love for her - the boys go off to their homes tomorrow- it will be a sad day but so lucky that we are keeping little fur baby Mira ❤️

30 Replies
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Which one is fur baby mira?

They are gorgeous.....

😍💓 New families should be so delighted & mom (and human family) make such a difference in first steps to long & happy lives...bravo

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svfarmer in reply to maggielee

Thankyou Mira is in the middle at the back - she’s so tiny up to her brothers x

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maggielee in reply to svfarmer

Thought she maybe....what a lovely

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Tykle in reply to svfarmer

They're all cute but Mira is definitely the cutest!

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svfarmer in reply to Tykle

She definitely is x

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Fantastic pic. So v sad yes, I’m welling up thinking of it... yes, I’m a huge softie! I’m worried about mum... (and Mira) has she gone through this before? I guess they’ll get used to them being gone soon enough.. if only “we could talk to the animals”!! Hope it goes OK, as guessing it’ll be a difficult day. Lots of tea and biccies for all (well, just biccies for your woofs!) x

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svfarmer in reply to DJK99

No she’s not gone through this before - she has met the new owners once - I’m worried also that she will be looking for them when they’ve gone x

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DJK99 in reply to svfarmer

Well I guess you can only do all you can so she can see them get into the car with big smiles and happiness after them being loved by their new “parents” for a while in front oh her and Mira. And loving both her and Mira at the same time so she can see it was all done with love. Have you had any professional advice about how best to do this for all the woofs? Or had a good Google on best practice? Apologies if you have... :). It’ll be Ok in the end... but I think if she can see they’ve gone off into sunset with loving peeps, and they seemed happy to, that’ll be a big help.. not that I’m a professional of course! Wishing you all a fabulously OK event. Hugs x

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svfarmer in reply to DJK99

Thankyou - we discussed this a lot and thought it would be best if Bea and Mira see the new owners take the boys so they can actually see what’s going on as felt if Bea didn’t see them go then I was afraid she would be very anxious if she couldn’t find them - I will let you know how it goes xx

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Oh, a sad but sweet last photo. Bea certainly has been an excellent mum - but you have also played a huge part in the successful upbringing of 3 beautiful puppies. Big hugs to you, Bea and the fur babies. It's not the end, just the beginning, xxx

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svfarmer in reply to MEGS53

Oh thankyou so much xxx

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The puppies just get more adorable each time you view them.

Wishing each and every one a "Happy New Home".

Mum will be lost without them.


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svfarmer in reply to hopegalore20

Thankyou x

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such sweet faces, I would have to keep them all :)

Horsewhisper profile image

Good luck today, I’ll be thinking of you 🌺🐶🌺🐶😘

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svfarmer in reply to Horsewhisper

Thankyou x

stiff19 profile image

Lovely picture 😍new beginnings for all 🙌🏻

Remember Bea coming to you, how happy you and she was/are 👍. Best wishes x

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svfarmer in reply to stiff19

Thankyou x

Krazykat26 profile image

Awww I'm gonna miss your puppy pics svfarmer 🤗n so is my daughter 😹

I'm kinda hoping that you'll still keep us informed of Mira's progress!?!

Well done for bringing them this've all done a fabulous job n they're mighty fine little puppies!! 🐶Off on new adventures..sad day but happy day for new owners..I can understand why u have mixed emotions so here's a gentle 🤗from me! 🌈😽😽Xx

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svfarmer in reply to Krazykat26

Thankyou so much and yes I will still post updates of Mira she’s such a tiny little girl, think it will take her along while to grow - I’m so glad you and your daughter have enjoyed all the pictures xx

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Krazykat26 in reply to svfarmer

Mira's my daughter's favourite so she'll be thrilled!! She's 28yrs old by the way 😹😹 but a real animal lover 🐶except for 🦋n 🐸😹🌈😽😽xx

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svfarmer in reply to Krazykat26

My 3 sons are all grown up - eldest is 30 but still think they are still my 3 little boys xx

CecilyParsley profile image

Oh scrumptiousness 😍😍😍😍😍

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AAwww, it is so hard to say good bye, but off to new Love, and adventures, with the blessings of loving years, and wishes and kisses.. All in puppy Love. Because they are your Loves.... Great job svfarmer! peace, thestormy sunshine:)

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I want to take them home. Cutest little ones ever. 😟

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They are all beautiful! you must be so proud <3!

KayHimm profile image

Oh, no! I will miss seeing the little ones. Glad they are off to new homes, though. XK

stillsdisease profile image

Just found this picture of your little fluff balls so gorgeous

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svfarmer in reply to stillsdisease

Oh thankyou this picture brings back such happy memories x

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