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Random Acts Of Kindness - Received Heartwarming Annonymous Post Today

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I received this in the post today and I am so taken aback for this act of kindness. It was sent annonymously and personally addressed to me. I don't know who ha done this, but I would personally like to thank them. Their actions and words, really have touched me and such beautiful handwriting, too. I really do appreciate the time and effort taken and would really to meet and talk to the person who has done this to thank them myself. Whoever and wherever you are, thank you ❤

There have been so many kindhearted acts in this crisis. So many have helped me on here before and during the crisis and when I was in very dark places, in crisisa and having a mental breakdown myself. To all of you, thank you 💜

Never underestimate the power behind an act of kindness and how much you can change that persons' outlook on not just that day, but of their situation and life.

Share your random acts of kindness, past or present, that maybe you hae done or of something someone has done for you. Sending lots of hugs to all 🤗💜 xx

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Hi Ceri. Oh, what a lovely thing to receive. Now, believe in yourself and move upward and onward. All the best, xxx

Thanks Megs xx

How did you get on with the lung function tests?

Thank you for asking, well remembered! Not pleasant and had to repeat them a number of times, but all done. The technician carrying the tests out was brilliant, she explained everything and put me at ease. Glad it's all over with now though, just to see what the results mean. Hopefully good news 🤞

Very well done on completing the tests! Hope the results are good, please update us, xxx

Oh that is so lovely - bought a tear to my eye ❤️

Glad it wasn't just me then!

Hi verified

That is lovely that you received that and equally lovely your gratitude for the act of kindness 😍

Wishing you all the best 🙏 take care x

How lovely Ceri. Such a wonderful thing for someone to do and to expect nothing in return. Xx

It really. Would really like to say thank you to them, but no idea who has sent this. Their kind gesture and words really have touched me

That is wonderful! Must make you feel so happy and special. You are special Ceri, you are you!

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