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I think everyone is in need of a little puppy update πŸ˜ƒ

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Managed to get this lovely pic of Bea,s puppies- they are 5 weeks today - We have the 2 boys up front and tiny little Mira at the back .

Hope everyone is doing ok x

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Awwww, please, please send me one!!! They look more like 'proper' dogs now and not so puppy-like, but just soooo cute! Thanks for the update. xxx

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svfarmer in reply to MEGS53

I will be heartbroken when the 2 boys go off to their new homes - I will definitely make the most of the last 4 weeks - hope you are doing ok xx

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MEGS53 in reply to svfarmer

Yes, enjoy the next 4wks - you could always have regular puppy parties after they leave! Please keep us updated with photos.

Take care and stay safe, xxx.

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svfarmer in reply to MEGS53

Thankyou and you too x

Oh I really, really needed that, thank you so much! I can go to sleep happy now :)

Are they Schnoodles or just the most adorable bundles of puppykins? xxx

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svfarmer in reply to eekt

They are miniature schnauzers they will get a lot more hair over the coming weeks and their eyebrows are coming along nicely xx

O' they are just so adorable!!! Can we always have puppies..Will you be keeping any of those furbabies? OK, I will take them all. svfarmer, great job, you are a good nurturer. Thank you for sharing your joys! Blessings to you, and them.Xxx thestormy sunshine:)

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svfarmer in reply to thestorm

Yes we are keeping the little girl - he’s so tiny up to the boys but so cute. We’ve found 2 really good homes for the 2 boys so everything has worked out well . Xx

They are so cute that they will make me have nice dreams even during this terrible time. Keep sending puppy photos!


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svfarmer in reply to KayHimm

I will do they have been a very welcome distraction x

They have grown so much. I bet they keep you busy!

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svfarmer in reply to happytulip

I spend a lot of time just watching them play πŸ˜ƒ by the way I visited my son the other day sitting on his drive way with him at the top by the door - he did try and come to me for a hug and a kiss but the career held him back so we blew each other kisses and it did us both the world of good. Hope you got your drain sorted xx

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happytulip in reply to svfarmer

I was wondering how you got on. I'm so pleased that you had a good visit. It must have been difficult to say goodbye but at least you know that you can do this again and let's hope that it won't take too long before you can give him a hug.

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svfarmer in reply to happytulip

Thankyou - have a lovely weekend xx

Absolutely gorgeous!

Awww thank u πŸ€—πŸ’œ

I bet they've got their own individual little cute characters now!!

You've put a big smile on my face today n I hope u don't mind but I send your puppy pics to my daughter who is working in community as a care worker..she loves animals n your cute puppy pics make her smile too 😁

Spreading the joy!! 🐢🌈😽😽Xx

Oh yes I love that your sending the pics to your daughter πŸ˜ƒ

Yes they have got their little characters coming on - Mira the little girl that we are keeping is the one that initiates most of the play - if her brothers are asleep she will just go and lie on them to wake them up for a play - it’s such a shame we can’t keep all of them - but 4 dogs is abit much 😁 have a lovely weekend xx

I am not a dog fan but they are cute!

Omg scrumptiousness 😍🐢🐢🐢

❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️ I want one! They are just adorable. Xx

Gorgeous! So cute and fluffy, I just want to fuss them all 😍

They are ADORABLE!!!! What a fabulous distraction during this time πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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