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Similarities or overlap in auto immune conditions

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....And something that potentially could help to explain this

After watching this I felt I should let others have the same opportunity to be able to judge whether they felt it could be applicable to their condition.

It will challenge what you have heard previously. But if you keep an open mind and do more reading and researching it might serve you well.

BONUS Genetic Roulette! | GMOs Revealed

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OMGoodness ...

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for this link. I had no clue I am forever indebted to you for sharing this with everyone.

I wish you as painless a life as possible.

Best wishes.

EJ. πŸ˜ŠπŸŒΈπŸŒΏπŸ¦‹πŸ™πŸ€—πŸ’—πŸ˜˜

its all a bit overwhelming when you come across this for the first time

But coupled with the various doctors interviewed who suggested there was a way to counter many of the effects, it gives hope if you make careful food choices.

Very hopeful...will have to try the switch and see what reverses or improves.

Thanks again xx

In my view, one of the great strengths of this site is that it allows us to share our personal experiences and opinions relating to living with a serious autoimmune condition.

It is not a place where outside organisations and vested interests are given a soapbox to peddle their opinions, or a shop front where companies can use our vulnerabilities to try and sell us stuff.

This post appears to be a nearly 3 hour long propaganda film produced by a lobby group in the US which is opposed to GM foods. As far as I can see, it contains little or no peer-reviewed science and it closes with an appeal for viewers to send money.

With due respect, overnighthearingloss, I feel that it's an inappropriate post for this particular forum x

I can understand that people may be put off by the appeal at the end. But at that point the information has already been disseminated to you.

The point being made is that the reason these gm foods are available is precisely because they are supposedly non injurious to humans. They kill bugs by destroying their guts.

supposedly this doesn't happen in humans. But as we are all becoming more aware our guts support an incredibly diverse array of bugs that we are only just becoming aware of. The microbiome. And it is these bugs that break down foods for us allowing us to absorb nutrients.

if these bugs are killed off in the same way field bugs are killed off in soil then our bodies functioning is disabled.

There's lots to read on the relationship between gut health and autoimmunity - Amy Myers is quite good too (but again a money making machine). It's not the whole story, since there are other environmental influences too - as well as genetic ones.

Discovering what triggers autoimmunity and the specific forms it takes is a very individual journey. It's great watching stuff like this and reading widely if it helps us to solve the riddles of our particular disease. But as someone who has been on an autoimmune protocol diet for 18 months, only to discover that there's an outside possibility the bulk of my symptoms comes from Addison's and other hormone depletion brought on by concussion, it isn't necessarily the answer. Mind you, it does have advantages - healthy, weight loss inducing, my broken body loves all the protein and it helps with the steroid bloat.

I never did all the bespoke expensive supplements though - I did the research and bought my own. And I'd advise getting the help of a functional doctor if you want to explore a wider path!

Good luck.

I think the idea that someone is asking for money for medical information or pills/supplements grates with us in the UK because we have the NHS that takes care of so many of our needs. But a lot of the stuff on the internet is produced from America where they have a totally different system.

I am able to absorb information without feeling the need to reach for my credit cards. Maybe I am different from everybody else on this forum in that respect.

No, I think you can manage that as well. I agree with you that using the information as a starting point is the way to go.

Personally I am considering just how much extra it would cost to go organic. If pesticide residues are causing us harm I guess you should be able to see positive results within a reasonable time frame.

With regards to supplements. I will need to view Amy Myers pages to see what she suggests. But I think juicing organic produce could potentially have similar effects. Would have to do price comparisons to see what was more cost effective.

But as far back as the 50s Max Gerson was having great success with juicing

Thank u for posting's definitely food for thought!! X

Precisely what I thought. So many of us seem to have some degree of gut issues, it does make me wonder.

Yeah and what the guy was saying about our immune system recognising that there's something in there that shouldn't be there..and so it gets to work to get rid!!

So many illnesses are caused by it that it's pretty hard to ignore!! I mean GM in baby milk!!!! And the doctors on there are finding good results with dietary changes in their patients.

Yeah I know. But the statement was anecdotal and not quantifiable by double blind evidence based testing so I guess we are just silly fools for even paying any attention to that.

Thankyou so much for sharing this with us. I do agree organic and natural is best. I live in Perth Australia. Shall be checking all of my labels x

I am glad it has been a useful posting for you and some others.

I cannot personally understand how it seems to have outraged some others.

My opinion is that essentially organic farming methods have sustained humans for millennia. I think its a good thing to be reminded that that is possibly the best way of getting your nutrients. Especially if it might lead to health improvements.

I thought that would be useful to this online community. But ho hum. One can but try....

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