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Off to see the Wizard-the wizard of eyes and all things neuro

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Hello my faithful fellow zebras and unicorns! I visited the wizard's castle today (research scientist by any other name) and given my latest results from his previous testing, a conversation between him and my neurologist before my last neuro appt, and the notes from my last neuro appointment on 9/11, I had an electroretinogram today. The previous showed bilateral optical neuropathy. So, this latest is to make sure they are going down the right path and to get baselines. While I was there, the assistant had me schedule another test in another office for tomorrow morning. My eyes are tired and very irritated tonight. Even though they numb your eyes and give you a thick lubricant drop, it doesn't make up for having an eye speculum holding your lids open and not blinking for half an hour!πŸ‘πŸ‘

I also had my neuro/balance PT today and with any luck I might be paroled by the end of November if I'm good. I was a bit disappointed at how low he set the bar for my plan but he is trying to balance my fatigue with my program plan and I just have to take my competitive streak down a notch for now so "I don't induce a flare or fall and break something" (darn-he used my own previous quotes against me).. My typing is blurry so forgive any mistakes. Maybe sleep will help. More wizard spying πŸ‘€ tomorrow. Have an awesome day! Smile at someone and make them wonder what you're up to- πŸ˜‚


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'Smile at someone and make them wonder what you're up to'...I tried it, it's good! πŸ˜πŸ€©πŸ€—

Hope your peepers are back to normal after testing xxx

DRunnerchick in reply to eekt


πŸ‘€ are just very tired . Probably would feel more rested if I weren't texting my 'man friend' (I don't date boys😝) into the late hours ⏰. It's been a long week and I needed some moral support so we had a lot to say.

Between my daughter and myself, we had 6 medical/research appointments this week. I will be grateful for forward progress being made and a Saturday morning to maybe catch a few extra πŸ’€. Hope you all have a delightful weekend!


eekt in reply to DRunnerchick

That's a lot to get through in a week. 🀯 Have a nice relaxing weekend! xxx

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