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Skin cancer


I Have a sore on my right cheek and it's been there for a good while now,i just thought it might have been a pimple,i never really paid any mine to it's getting bigger and not goin away my mother in law told me she thinks it's skin cancer,i just bought me some ointment to put on my sore and everytime i add the med on the sore it makes my face itch like crazy what could it be any advice plz

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Hi Tinamarie I had one exactly the same on my chest & it grew rapidly. It was like a little volcano. If it is the same as I had it is a keratoacanthoma

They can outgrow themselves. By the time I got to see my dermatologist it had gone.

Fingers crossed yours will do the same. Keep taking pictures of it so when you get to see someone they can identify it. Do get it checked as soon as you can as they grow so fast. All the best Hayley

Hey i was just readin on it and i can't believe that's what I have,it's been there for months and i never really paid any mind to it i just thought it was a big pimple but now I know what i really have and i need to see my family dr for this like asap

I was exactly the same thought it was a boil , but then the head of it broke & it infected then scabbed . Your GP will Defo send u to dermatologist. I got to be seen quickly because I am kidney transplant patient result of lupus & with all the drugs Ibtake I’m prone to skin cancers. Hope you get it sorted quickly all the best .

If i can't get to my dr appt I'll just have to go to the emergency room and let the Dr over there look at it, i been putting triple antibiotic ointment on the sore and then it started itchin like crazy and all i could do was itch my face constantly

Antibiotic cream won’t do any good. The dermatologist will probable use cryo surgery, freezing it off or maybe efudix cream which is a chemotherapy cream.

So pretty much what you are tellin me i have skin cancer right,and that i need to get to my family dr asap to get it checked out that sore i have on my face it's been there for i wanna say almost a year now

No - that ISN'T what she is saying. Tremarel says she is a lupus patient so anything like this should be seen quickly IN CASE it is some form of skin cancer. The same applies to any of us really, lupus or not.

But if you have had it for a year - it is hardly an emergency room thing is it.

Why does that sore make my face itch like crazy

Not really sure why it’s itching so much . As I said & if u read the link I sent u it can out grow itself & just go on its own but u must get it checked . I get all sorts of skin growths now & they can all be treated .

tremarel in reply to tremarel

keratocathoma is a low grade skin cancer & can be treated easily in early stages.

That's the thing if I do have skin cancer i don't know what part of stage I'm in I'm worried and scared

Aww bless u don’t be scared it’ll turn out nothing. It doesn’t look that big . Just get it sorted as soon as u can. Mine was much bigger . & I don’t even have a scar x

Well mine goin to end up leavin a scar but the way it's lookin i don't think it's ever goin to go away

Make an emergency appointment to see your will then know for sure what you. are dealing with & can stop worrying.

A.& E will not treat you for is not an accident or an emergency.

The lesion on your face is probably itching because you have been putting ointment on it which has dried it up & dry skin itches.

I had skin cancer on my face....( it looked nothing like your lesion) It was easily exised,& I have hardly any get off to see your doctor.

GERY in reply to AgedCrone

Thank you for that reply I have a lesion on my face & have to go for a biopsy so you have reassured me, regards gery

AgedCrone in reply to GERY

Hi Gery..lMine was truly a non event....after the biopsy I had it removed with just seven stitches & drove myself home wasn't' painful & after the stitches were removed I just rubbed Vit E

oil on the scar & even I can hardly see the scar don't be nervous.

GERY in reply to AgedCrone

Once again thank from a 75 year old lady

AgedCrone in reply to GERY

You're Welcome ...........youngster!

These may help.

It really isn't a good idea to just put any ointment on it without a diagnosis - and especially if it makes it itch.

And do see your doctor. If it is so difficult to get to, can you email them? With the picture you have posted here.

I Don't know I've never emailed my dr before

Call the office and ask then - you can often get telephone consultations when it is difficult to get there. And with a picture sent by email or to the office cellphone (I'm sure they have one) the doctor can see if this is something he needs to see or to refer to a dermatologist.

Hi , I had one very similar looking to this on my arm. Mine grew very quickly, it was the size of yours within 6 weeks. Mine was a squamous cell carcinoma, which is a none invasive skin cancer. My doctor cut it out in his surgery. If it had been on my face, I would have seen a plastic surgeon to do this. I visited a skin cancer specialist after this, he said it may have happened because I am on immune suppressants due to the lupus. It was very frightening to be told that it was skin cancer at first, but after some research I understood it was very easily dealt with. Your case may not be cancer at all. Visit your doctor, all the best x

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