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Anyone tried Boombod from Holland & Barrett for weightloss!


Im seeing great reviews everywhere for this product. The main ingredient is Glucomannan which is a natural weight loss aid. Holland & Barrett have this product 1/2 price at the minute & Im so tempted to try it. Ive lupus & mixed connective tissue and take hydroxy & Azathioprine & warfarin. So just wondering if anyone here has tried it & does it contraindicate our meds? Its all natural ingredients and Holland & Barrett are widely promoting it so it cant be that bad? Any one tried!

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Hi Shann07,

I would encourage you to check with your doctor, or at least your pharmacist before starting these. It can affect blood sugar levels (which may be important for some people) but Glucomannan also affects absorption of substances in the stomach and intestines. Taking glucomannan along with medications taken by mouth can decrease how much medicine your body absorbs, and decrease the effectiveness of your medication.

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Thanks Paul, I will defo check beforehand, although I do feel a little stupid asking a medic advice on this as I know they will advise to avoid weight loss products being on our meds and suffering conditions and follow a ‘healthy diet’ blah blah. Thing is I do consider my diet healthy (ish), and even restricting calories I seem to stay the same weight give or take a couple of pounds! Very frustrating indeed ☹️ Ahh well have to keep trying harder I guess, not easy shifting pounds with little exercise either, its a never ending battle! 😉

Please let us know what your doctors opinion is. I have put on quite a lot of weight since diagnosis. Managed to lose 3 stone but can't shift any more. Being overweight and having systemic lupus, awful breathlessness and possible heart problems. (Had heart and lungs scanned with one of those donut scanners on monday). The only exercise I can manage is gentle swimming and our pool is in full sun until about 8 at night as I live in southern Spain I can't use it in the day as within a couple of hours in the sun I'm covered in lumpy rash. Would love to find out if there is something safe to help boost my metabolism! I've just had chemo stopped and am on sulphasalazine as my main treatment as I have a new rheumatologist who wants to investigate all over again. So going through loads of tests.

Hope your answer is positive 😀

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