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First referral

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My GP has run various autoimmune tests and the ANA has come back positive, I’m also presenting with most of the symptoms of lupus. He stated last week he would refer me to a rheumatologist but on chasing this today it has been sent to the musculoskeletal department?! I’m so confused! I am in a lot of pain in my legs and feet and back but I my main symptoms all point to Lupus or a autoimmune disease - has anyone had this? If so I’d be interested in what happened x

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Hello Holliemog,

Yes, that is a bit puzzling. Did you have sight of the referral letter to see what your GP was requesting? One possibility is that may be a joint or shared referral pathway and referrals are discussed and allocated in a joint team (clutching at straws here!)? I guess the only way of resolving this will be to speak with your GP to clarify. x

Hi Holliemog1

Sometimes musculoskeletal sits within the rheumatology department and agree with whisperit response. You can always check with the hospital to confirm how the department you have been referred to works, and what you can expect from your first appointment. Good luck with it and keep us posted! X

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