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asking for help finding a doctor in Reading


Good day! I have lupus Nephritis. I have plans on visiting UK this coming July, I just wanted to know if you guys have idea how much this medicines will cost in UK? I am taking Cycloposporine, medrol, and hydroxycloquine, and I wanted to ask if you can recommend where I can see a doctor for Lupus in Reading? Thank you so much.

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You can Google the cost of those drugs in UK...however do bring your prescription & a letter from your usual doctor explaining your condition & why you need these drugs.

You could probably find information about seeing a Lupus Consultant Privately by telephoning the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading.

Failing that, Reading is only a one hour train journey to London where there is a specialist Lupus Unit at St Thomas Hospital which would probably be the best option.

I'd telephone well ahead as I understand you can wait a while to get an appointment.

Good Luck!

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