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Problem undetected

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I am feeling pain in my left lower belly from almost few months but it comes n go than one day i had motion n vomit i thought it is dyreha went to doctor he adviced dyreha medicene with antibiotic Flagyl didnt worked out so i gave my immunity a chance to handle the situation. But motion didnt stopped i took ors with light meals n changed the doctor the new doc suggested i m sufferring from IBS irratible bowel syndrome but when i ask how it happened what are the reasons he didnt answer just gave me new list of medicine for one month. I didnt took med as i was not satisfied still taking light meals no meat no tea caffine neither i smoke or never drink. i also left oily foods now what to do as due to meals change i dont have pain but motion is there since one month plus. what it could be ?? can any one suggestt....i once had hcv but i get complete treatement to make it negative does this relate to that

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Hi Vajji,

If you are unsure about the medication because it hasn't been adequately explained to you, could you make another appointment with your doctor to discuss it? Or perhaps speak with your pharmacist so that they can explain what it is prescribed for and advise you of any potential side effects?

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