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SLE & frontal Lobe atrophy

My wife who was diagnosed with SLE in December 2017 had an MRI scan on her brain and it showed mild to moderate atrophy of the frontal lobes.

She does suffer from memory problems, occasional shaking, poor concentration but all of these symptoms get better when she is on a course of steroids.

Waiting now for a neurology appointment.

Has anybody had similar results ?

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Not sure about frontal lobes but I do have small vessel disease which might be the same. Very hard to assess whether this is part of my Sjögren’s/ autoimmunity or just slightly more advanced age related category. My symptoms are more to do with poor spatial recognition and gait/mobility/ ataxia than memory or concentration so far. Having another MRI in ten days time to assess whether the white matter has progressed or not.


Twitchytoes thank you for responding and indeed for all of your input before my wife was diagnosed and since - you been absolutely brilliant.

Having done some research shrinking of the frontal lobes and most auto immune conditions is quite common. In mild cases it probably causes the brain fog but also could cause concentration, memory, balance, depression and worse.

We are now waiting for a neuro appt to progress this further.

Thanks once again


You’re most welcome Jimbo 😊


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