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SLE depression

I'm a high school student, I frequently have depression from SLE and memory confusion. With this it is hard for me to focus on my work, which is causing my grades to suffer. I've spoken to my teachers about this, and they verbally expressed their disbelief in the matter, one teacher said that teens can't go through depression because they "Haven't experienced enough" and another teacher said that I'm just simply lazy. I've considered dropping out because of me not being able to do my work much. Are there anyways to get me to focus and get out of a depression episode?

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Just the fact that you’re brave enough to name the depression, and do so in front of your teachers, makes me think you’re going to be alright. It’s pretty shameful that the adults in your school are unable to recognise the courage it takes a young person to speak up. Take heart in your own self courage.

Don’t give up on school, please. Your education, at whatever pace you continue it, is vital. The lupus road is a long one, and you’ll need to figure out a way to balance depression with joy. The accusation of laziness sometimes come from within ourselves, because everyone else seems to be moving so fast around us. Don’t worry about it. Be a happy snail whenever you can. That’s how I see myself anyway!

Try and consider the small things that make you happy, and polish them up like gems. Are you creative? You’ll need an outlet of some sort. Most people’s insides don’t match their outsides, so don’t be fooled by other people’s achievements. Wanting to manage your depression and seeking help here is an awesome start xxx Shaista


Like lupusinflight says - well done for your courage and don’t give up on your education. It is shameful that you received such a poor response from your teachers. It says a lot about their understanding and awareness. Might it help to take in information on the illness and symptoms (lupus uk have some useful booklets) and / or letter from your consultant? If you were working I’d tell you to ask to go to occupational health. Also have have thought about mindfulness? I have found it helpful in maintaining focus and concentration in my work but it’s also good for your overall wellbeing too. Pacing yourself is important . Stay brave - you will find a way to balance things xx


Get help right away tell your parents you need to see a doctor for your depression dont wait its very serious i am the mom of a child with depression. Tell your teacher if your parents dont take you to a doctor ask your teacher to get you to a doctor for this deoression, dont wait. Good luck. Will pray for you.

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Hi, Michiganpbc,

So, I did schedule a doctors appointment. But it won't be until August when I can go. :/


Thats too long is there another way to get in ? Try a different doctor or clinic usualy if you tell them you are depressed and need help they get you in the same day here.


I've called a few clinic, one of them said that I could get an appointment within the week. But I've gone to them before, I've spoken to a couple of doctors there, and it wasn't a good experience. So, I will have to wait I guess. Finish this school year as best as I possibly can, and Hopefully get help for next year.

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Hello LupieGirl,

This is a real thing, of course, and your teachers should be supporting you. Do you have access to anything like a school counsellor or youth worker? Talking to a sympathetic person is probably the single most helpful thing you can do.

In addition, there are a lot of online resources. Some are purely written advice, but others offer helplines and online counselling.

For example, here in the UK, good ones include Young Minds youngminds.org.uk/

or the Campaign Against Living Miserably thecalmzone.net/

If you register (free) with Kooth - kooth.com/ - you can arrange to have 1:1 online chat with a qualified counsellor

All these are designed for young people

Hope that helps



Thank you for the kooth link, I will make sure to check it out. In regards to my school counselor, my school doesn't have one for these tips of needs, the counselors we have deal with picking out classes, dropping out of classes and for when we get detentions(We first check in to the counselor before going to detention.) I have a friend with Asthma and fibromyalgia and she gets the same overall treatment as I do. My school doesn't care about students with different needs.

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I am very impressed that you were able to reach out for help, it shows how strong you really are. What you are experiencing is real and very scary, but treatable.

Teachers should not be treating you this way. Also, with everything you are going through it is very understandable why you would have some trouble concentrating and completing assignments.

I am a school psychologist intern in the state of Ohio and there are supports within your school that you have access too. Please talk to your parents so they can call your school and help you receive those supports and accommodations that you need to stay in school. Please let me know if I can help you further!


I discussed this a bit with my mother, she first called my Physical Education teacher, and my History teacher about talking about my difficulties with depression, They told my mother that I still have to do all of my work and have it done by the due date given to us. They told her that depression wasn't a valid excuse for me with my school work.


Which state are you attending school?


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