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Lichen planus or Lupus?


Can lupus lesions on the scalp mimic lichen planus - known as lichen planopilaris when it causes scarring alopecia?

I'm finding it an impossibility to get a successful Lupus diagnosis in spite of an ever growing list of symptoms.

I've had chronic lichen planopilaris for over 8 years. No form of treatment has ever worked. It has never gone away and I've lost 70% of my hair.

Could it be Lupus all along?

I am ANA negative but am not tested at regular intervals. Literally years pass between each testing and that's only when they can be bothered taking my concerns seriously.

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Hi Poppet2308,

Lupus erythematosus and lichen planus are two distinct and well established skin conditions which occasionally can occur as an overlap syndrome. Have you had a biopsy of the lesions to examine the cause?

Yes and even the pathologist (I managed to get hold of the report - albeit with some difficultly) states that Lupus cannot definitively be excluded. At the very least, and considering my escalating symptoms, I would have thought that this would have been enough to closely monitor me/run further tests etc

Yet my dermatologist has completely overlooked this and sent me on my way with a standard 6 month follow-up appointment.

Is there any way in which to post a photo of a copy of the report or would I need to start a new thread?

Paul_HowardAdministrator in reply to Poppet2308

Hi Poppet2308,

You can put it in this thread by clicking on the little "arrow" button under your post and then selecting 'edit'. Please be careful to ensure the report contains no personal information such as your address.

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