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Why so much itching issue is on both hands after I go to bed?

Why so much itching issue is on both hands after I go to bed?

Everyday in night when I go to bed and took my blanket on my body, itching happen on my hands and on back of my body. I live in Lithuania. I am 20years old.

And when I woke up in the morning some big dots appears on my full hand. I show u in the picture as below.

Why is this happening? Is it because of blanket or i have a problem. I am using that blanket for 3years for more information but I took everyday bathing and clean my room and also change the covers of my blanket on monthly basis.

Or it's because of bed bugs?

Please help me every night it's becoming more itchy and itchy.

And with that also, in my hair; dandruff appeared.

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It looks like Keratosis pilaris, which is nothing serious but you will need to go to your doctor to confirm and get some antihistamines for the itching!

Hope everything goes well




I would advise you to see your doctor to have this examined and they will hopefully be able to identify the cause and offer any treatment, if necessary.

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