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It’s like living a life with bipolar!!!!

I have no diagnosis. But at this time of writing I feel really up beat. I have just come out of my most recent flare up

I’m just sitting here thinking how can you go from feeling so drained and exhausted to feeling like a completely different person!

I can see how my illness is confusing to my family and friends, it’s confusing for me too. If I felt this good every day, this is the life I would choose to live.

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I can relate to this. I feel so old when all my joints are burning and I can't summon up the energy to do anything. When you have your first good day after that it's amazing because you feel so good. You appreciate your well-being because it's so much sweeter after a period of not feeling well. The upside of these conditions is that we have a gift that a lot of people don't; we appreciate life when we can enjoy it.


I felt so well this weekend I actually managed to take my kids out!!!! Have decided I am going to make the most of my good days!!!!

It’s really difficult though to remember how good yo can feel when you do feel bad

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It's difficult to feel positive and it's draining to try to hide your feelings, especially with kids. Don't feel guilty, your kids are resilient and one day they will understand and then they'll admire you for your strength.


You just have to take it day by day and not dwell on the day before. Each day is new, and each day you deal with what is in front of you. I know it is old advice, but "one day at a time" has a reason behind it.

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