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Still no relief

Hi from the United States still another month and no diagnosis. At the recommendation of my rheumatologist I am seeing another neurologist soon this one specializes in MS . Everyone of my tests have come back negative we've tried plaquenil. Imuran with both I had to stop due to side effects now I've tried methotrexate work folic acid and a methyprednisilone taller work no effects still have the joint aches and all over aches. I have no swelling redness our warmth I've have every test in the book there all negative does any one have any ideas I'm getting so frustrated. I also have been diagnosed with cerebral vasculitis and temporal arteritis which gives me debilitating headaches I'm hoping the new neologist can find something they want to do a spinal for MS. I've never had one so I'm kinda Leary any help or idea appreciated

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I am so sorry to hear about your problem I cannot help you wilh the side effects of immuran if you can't tolerate it,I do hope they can find your problem soon


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