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What time of day is best to take Methotrexate just been prescribed 2.5 taken 4 times weekly

Thank you

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That is a very unusual way to take mtx - it is usually once weekly on a specified day. I would check with your doctor.

I agree usually you have weekly dose on a set day each week and I take folic acid tablets on the days I do not take my Methotrexate I would check prior to taking these

Hi it’s normally once a week ? I was taking mine 5/6 at night on a Friday then @ duvet day sat when taking tabs but had very little side effects with the injections

I agree with the other comments on here - once a week on the same day every week & folic acid on other days. Would definitely check this out. Hope it helps you - it has been a godsend to me.

I take 20mg a week and split it 50/50 on consecutive days as it upsets my digestive system too much otherwise. The Lupus clinic is fine with that although it is normally once a week. DOn’t forget to take folic acid on the days you don’t take Methotrexate. I only take it three times a week as I read that it can make the Methotrexate less effective.

I take 3 x 2.5 methotrexate tablets once a week on a Sunday then take 2 folic acid tablets every Thursday.

Hi thank you all

Checked with my doctor he still says 1 x 2.5 tablet four times weekly and folic acid on days I don't take it

He explained that because it's a high dose it is better split up

After blood tests every 2 weeks they will look at either changing the strength or frequency x

I've just been prescribed methotrexate for Polymyositis and been advised to take it in the morning after breakfast, I hope that helps.

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It does help thank you


Yes do double check when you need to take your MTX as others have suggested.

I take mine once a week. Through trial and error I have found taking mine just before I go to bed is the best time to take it. That way I sleep through the worst of it and have more or less fully recovered by lunchtime the next day.


Same here. I had it just once a week and folid acid everyday. It used to cause me so much dizziness so I'd have it after dinner and rest at home after. Hope it all goes well!

I take 7 X 2.5 mg tablets every Monday and Folic acid on a Friday. Never tried taking it at night I will have to try it.

Is definitely a once weekly dose! Mine is Wednesday night before bed, then the nausea isn’t so bad xx

Check with reumatoligist gp,s can and do some very silly things even with serious dope like you take

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Checked with my Rheumatoid specialist it is correct it is so that it does not upset my stomach too much I have a lot going on I think they are thinking of me...................... Hopefully

It's is common for patients who react this way to be offered thier methotrexate by injection

when I started I was sternly warned that it could only be taken on one day per week after

about te years later it was decided it was doing no good and stopped then I stopped having uti,s finger nail infections healed up and I started to feel a bit better not a drug to mess about with

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