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Living a Blessed Life with Lupus

Hi everyone, my name is Liz.

I was diagnosed with both discoid/cutaneous, the skin manifestation and systemic

lupus in 1981 after being ill for many years. The illness (flares) were intermittent, therefore the symptoms were treated and I was on my way. The flares became often as I grew older and responsibilities began to increase. There is no way to sum up my lupus life in a text therefore, I suggest you read my book, LIVING WITH THE WOLF and Surviving Lupus.

I am the founder of a Nonprofit Organization

called the Center fof Lupus Care, Inc., whose mission is to educate the genersl public, lupus patients and family members and to advocate for patients. I have had kidney failure twice and a trsnsplant was the result of the second one.

Our email address is:


Our websites is center4lupuscare.org

Please let us hear from you.

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