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Awaiting more tests

I have had face rash for last five years or so, last 3 years fingers get rash then split and bleed dermatologist tested and came back with 4 pages full of what I'm allergic too although put fingers down to stress and signed me off caseload. My head has been scabbing for last 4 years which I thought might have been reaction to hair gel. I have been getting treated for acid reflux for last 5 years and last year they found I had portal hypertension but fibroscan found no damage to liver. After being injured at work I had severe stomach pain during night. Paramedics were called and after 6 abnormal heart tracings took me to hospital. I was released once my heart was in a normal rhythm. A year ago I also was diagnosed with Heliobactor Pilori. I have suffered with sore joints mostly hands and knees. After speaking to my wife's pal who has Lupus I spoke to my GP who agreed to initial test which came back positive ANA. Awaiting him contacting Rheumatologist about next set of tests and looking forward to definitive answer.

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