Hi, can anyone please recommend the best type of gloves to buy to help with raynauds? I have bought so many types and nothing works. Thanks


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36 Replies

  • I can’t wear gloves, cos fingers don’t work well, but I have a pair of woollen mitts that are great, my fingers are quite toasty inside the mitts as fingers keep warm together as they are always cold.

  • Thanks folks, will try mittens. I spent over £30 on a pair of gloves and they're absolutely useless

  • Apparently mittens are the best for keeping you warm but you can’t do much when you are wearing them . You can get mittens where the top flap flips over to expose your fingers if you need to do something . Good luck with your shopping ⛄️

  • It is possible to get battery-operated heated gloves and boots for use in Raynauds. Keeping all your body warm is important too.

  • Thanks. Haven't heard of them, any idea where I can buy them from?

  • Just google battery heated gloves UK and you will get a load of links.

    Your shivering is you developing a raised temperature - is it an infection?

  • Thanks, i will have a look. No, there's no obvious infection, from time to time just have an elevated temp. Apparently with lupus this can happen

  • It is with almost all autoimmune disorders. I've never measured my temp - I just put up with the hot waves. But I don't have lupus.

  • The gift that keeps giving.............😣

  • Check on Amazon.....they have a selection of heated gloves.

  • Thanks I will do

  • Very true , rheumy told me its really important to keep your core warm . I really dislike cold weather ⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️

  • Oh I'm hating it now. Actually sitting here shivering in a roasting house with yet anothet temp 😣

  • I find leather only gloves are rubbish and never give you the heat you need in the first place.

    My boyfriend got me some incredibly toasty suede gloves with a fluffy felt fabric interior for Christmas a couple of years ago which helped SO much but I lost them... they were from John Lewis and sadly expensive...

    My current set are a felt interior, exterior leather set from Tiger which cost less than a fiver and work almost as well as the John Lewis ones.

    I've never tried anything battery powered and don't get on with the clicky heat pads so I wear thick thermal socks and thermal vests and if it's that cold - thermal trousers to keep my core warm. Fashion points deducted but worth it!

  • Thanks very much Amy, will give them a try 😊

  • No worries, cannot guarantee it'll work as my Raynauds can be controlled by nifedipine and the right gloves, though I know there are many worse cases out there.

    Keep us updated! :)

  • I will do, thanks for your help 😊

  • Glad you posted this. My hands are constantly freezing and numb. Mittens it is then! X

  • Hi I put hand wormers down the back of my gloves that helps but got a gp appointment tomorrow to try and get so Meds for rainods

  • Thanks, let me know how you get on

  • Amazon have a lovely grey pair of gloves they cut off the fingers, I don’t like wearing massive gloves and such they perfect for me, for driving and typing, just type in “arthritis gloves” reason they work as well is because they are tight around the fingers making the blood go to the area.

  • Thanks

  • I was recommended lambs' skin gloves from newzealand , they're cruelty free apparently but expensive. Buy online. Am hoping for some this Xmas as its a real struggle in this weather regardless whether I've taken nifedipine or not!

  • Thanks, I hope Santa is good to you then 😁

  • I’ve given up on gloves. Even if you find heated ones that are affordable and don’t make you look like a biker you will have to recharge the Batteries all the time.

    I came across HOTHANDS Hand Warmers and they are amazing, put them in your pocket or in your Mittens and you will be toasty warm! I’ve bought them online in a 60 pack now but you can get them from Tesco for £1 or so (cosmetics aisle).

    They also have them for your feet but I don’t think they work as well as the hand warmers.

    They need about 10min to warm up properly but than are hot for 10h. I’m never leaving the house without a pair in my handbag.

  • Thanks that sounds great 😊

  • Hi CarolMcl,

    You may be interested in taking a look at our blog article about coping with Raynaud's because it has lots of helpful information and advice - lupusuk.org.uk/coping-with-...

  • Thanks Paul, I'll certainly do that

  • Mittens all the way. I like the ones that have the flap allowing you to get the fingers out when necessary.

  • Many thanks, have been looking at some lined ones on the net

  • Genuine sheepskin mittens are brilliant, tad expensive but last years, mine are about 10 years or more in age! X

  • Thanks. It definitely appears that mittens are the way to go

  • Mittens are best with silk gloves, the silk gloves are worn by skiers under their ski mittens. you can get disposable hand warmers which you can activate whilst you are out and if indoors the ones you can heat in the microwave.

  • Thanks Maureen

  • I tried various gloves but nothing helped. I actually have battery operated motorcycle liners now which is a heated glove and plugs into a battery pack. The wires are lengthy but they’re by far the best thing for me. I had to get thin material as I wear them at work and need to be able to type. My office isn’t a satisfactory temperature so I struggle in work more so than anywhere else.

  • Hi. Just a thanks again to everyone for all your advise. In the end I bought fingerless gloves with converter mittens from the sockshop. These are 3.2 tog with a heatweaver insulation layer, super warm. Merry Christmas to you all x

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