All I want for Xmas is...bedsocks

Well, I would really like an end to world poverty, racism, homophobia, war and the destruction of the earth. And health and happiness for everyone I love. But you've got to be realistic, haven't you? I'm actually getting socks.

So has anyone any ideas? They've got to be warm, soft, long, easy to put on, warm and not tight anywhere and - did I mention? - warm. If they do anything to advance the cause of world peace, that would be a bonus.

Thanks! x


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27 Replies

  • If you were nearer I'd knit you some dear chap. Otherwise try Damart or Amazon (look at wharehouse deals first)

  • What size shoe do you take? Need to know for a friend

  • Bigger than a cat, smaller than an elephant. All sizes are approximate x

    EDIT: the shoes under the stairs are 9s and 10s. They are probably mine. Although the mice clomp about something chronic some nights

  • alpaca? mohair? wool? it's a consumer nightmare!! i need someone to take away my freedom to choose x

  • 75% wool and 25% nylon are the longest lasting. Alpaca is soft and light but pricy. A blend with alpaca is good. Skip the mohair unless you like having you feet tickled, and forget cashmere unless you are a millionaire

  • what if I made friends with a millionaire?

  • As much chance as me finding a Russion oligarch

  • life goals.....

  • Go for it Mike - focus on the cashmere.

  • Definitely Cashmere Whisperit!

  • Get the ones with little grippers on the soles. Getting up in the night for a wee can be dangerous ....

  • My podiatrist once gave me a large chunk of lamb’s fleece in a bag after sticking a small clump into the ends of my socks. I walked out on cloud nine with my new toe cosies.

    On this basis I think I’d go for lamb’s wool fleecy lining. Mine are all lined up in a bag along with hubby’s Xmas dressing gown and a fleecey nighty for me. We are doing a secret Santa (lucky dip)with our three sons this year as no money. But we treated ourselves to these last year and then lost the bag during our house move.

    Which is all as well as I don’t think I’ll fare that well out of a secret Santa with four tall lanky menfolk?


  • lambswool sounds nice. Seriously, though, in the last few weeks, my feet have become very painful - i think its the Raynauds, but maybe its something else x

  • I have the same - only nowadays they are mostly just numb. But when they get to the stage of near frozen they do throb in - numb but not numb enough?

    Mine is apparently caused by severe small fibre neuropathy with a mild Raynaud’s. It’s very dominating I must say. I find soaking in a hot bath is a daily blessing. Hands are similar but feet much worse.

    A Scottish artist called Martin Creed is singing a song about loss now on tv. His song has really not got much to commend it - but he did just explain that it’s about how life is just a series of losses - and any wins just heighten the sense of loss once the excitement wears off.

    So this is making me feel philosophical about loss of sensation and feeling as though I’ve been planted up to my knees in icy snow a lot of the time. It means that the simple pleasures of life, such as soaking in hot water and my lambs’ wool sock cosies, are like lottery wins?! X

  • yes, its a sort of numb ache, much harder to ease than the hands. looking forward to the next lottery win x

  • Oh ok please remember me in this very likely event. Otherwise I’ll continue to pluck my wool off barbed wire fences whenever the mood takes - and bearing numb finger tips and tetanus in mind. X

  • You can buy real lambswool insoles to cut to size. I have a dressing gown I bought last year from Marks and Sparks. They called it sherpa fleece. One look at the reviews where people loved it but had to return it because it was too warm made me order one on the spot. All plastic marerial of course but it washes and dries really easily and it the warmest drssing gown ever. Wish I'd bought two 'cos I can wear it on top of clothes too.

  • Oh, all these comments are so true. Sometimes I’m numb up to the knees when I get into bed then I can’t get to sleep. I find an always warm husband helps but failing that alpaca is the warmest. But it’s not hard wearing enough to use for daytime socks or gloves. I think the Sherpa fleece is a good practical suggestion.

  • thats great, thank you. and if you know where i can get one of those warm spouses, drop me a line x

  • Peacocks do bed socks which are soft and warm which I wore for a few times, but got too hot. I now use my hot-water bottle with a fleece cover on it and with in no time of getting into bed, my feet are lovely and warm and so is the rest of me!

    I read that if your feet are warm so is everything else, but I didn't actually believe it until I stopped having 2 bottles one for my feet and one for my body. Just have one now and fine - no socks needed as fleece keeps bottle warm all night.

  • That sounds like a good option, there's a Peacock's in town, so I will have a look. Thanks x

  • I bought some cashmere in ms sale just prior to Christmas few yrs ago and they're still going Bought a couple more in January sale Heaven but I do wriggle them off during the night but lovely when your extremities get frozen. Xx

  • i like the sound of that! Thanks x

  • Yes, I wriggled them off, too, due to being too hot - good to start the night off with, though.

  • Hi, Mike.

    My husband says my feet should be patented as the most effective heat-sink in the world...

    I wear a pair of bedsocks knitted for me by my older sister. They are an Alpaca mix and they look a bit like the Gruffalo's feet but hey, who cares? They fit the bill brilliantly for the first part of the night, when my feet are slick with HD moisturiser and as cold as ice, their normal state but once I feel the tingling of erythromelagia starting, I take them off and fold the duvet back so it's not covering my feet.

    Good luck.


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